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Wimbledon 2018: Shell-shocked Roger Federer explains his defeat

Shell-shocked Federer explains his Wimbledon defeat

12/07/2018 at 02:58Updated 12/07/2018 at 07:51

Roger Federer has expressed his surprise at succumbing to a five-set loss to Kevin Anderson at Wimbledon on Wednesday.

The 36-year-old had a match point to take a straight sets win, but failed to convert that before getting dragged into a five-set epic.

Anderson ultimately prevailed 13-11 in the fifth, but Federer says that took him completely by surprise following serene progress to the quarter-finals without dropping a set.

“I didn't see it coming,” Federer said. “From that standpoint, I felt great in practice, good in the warm-up,” Federer said in his post-match press conference, adding:

" I'm feeling the ball well. Even now losing, I still felt like the feeling is there. It just happened to be that today wasn't the day."

"I wouldn't necessarily say I've been playing like incredible. I've been playing well,” Federer continued. “Just today, when I needed it, I couldn't get it up. That's why it's an average performance and not a good one.

“So if I would have won in straight sets, then it could have been all right, because I would have had a great first set, and second set was whatever it was."

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“Every second game is an average performance I believe," Federer told the assembled media. "Then you have moments in the match where you rise to the occasion and play very well.

“I was very happy that I got off to the right start of the match, was able to take control somewhat of the game. I just don't know exactly how I couldn't create more opportunities once the third set came around.

" I think I had chances, I'm not sure exactly how many. But then fourth and fifth, obviously the fifth was long, that's like two sets, the fifth. I think I had my chances, so it's disappointing."

“No doubt about it. He was consistent. He was solid. He got what he needed when he had to. Credit to him for hanging around really that long.”