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Wimbledon men • Quarter-final

Tomáš Berdych - Novak Djokovic
Wimbledon men - 12 July 2017

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So, Berdych will play Federer - who he walloped here a few years ago - or Raonic. Well, Federer. The players depart, and that's that, anticlimax or not. Why not pop next door and join me for the end of that Federer-Raonic match? Bye from here...


Did I just hear boos from the crowd? Surely not. If any player gives everything everything, it's him.




Berdych 7-6(2) 2-0 Djokovic

Djokovic is done for - he serve-volleys on deuce like a man needing to play a short point. Berdych punishes him, then is too strong in the next rally, and this is a lot like the Murray-Querrey match now. and it's no great surprise really - these are such phenomenal players that the strain takes it toll, even though these are such phenomenal athletes.


Berdych 7-6(2) 1-0 Djokovic

Djokovic's problem appears to be with forearm, not the shoulder which mithered him yesterday. Berdych holds emphatically, and if he can keep doing that, his already-miffed opponent will becomeeven more discouraged.


Berdych 7-6(2) Djokovic

It's all Berdych now! He races to 6-1, and though Djokovic saves one set-point, that's all he can manage! Roger Federer must be absolutely soiling himself! Djokovic asks for physio - I'm not sure he'll keep going if he can't be helped.


Berdych 6-6 (4-1) Djokovic

Djokovic gets the benefit of an umpire's call with a serve on the line, called in as he was returning, and Berdych is vex, sharing this sentiment with the official. But he gets to 3-0 anyway, then takes a second mini-break when Djokovic nets a backhand. He's won the last 14 sets and 12 matches these two have played, but he's in strife here...


Berdych 6-6 Djokovic

A lovely, curling forehand from Djokovic puts Berdych under pressure at 40-30 from 40-0,and deuce arrives when Djokovic gets a net-cord off a return. Berdych responds with an elephantine serve, but then whacks a backhand long ... no matter, he earns the breaker thanks mainly to a nails second serve that gets him advantage.


Berdych 5-6 Djokovic

"This first set could be absolutely key," reckons John Inverdale. Consider my mind blown. Djokovic hangs on to his serve, - he's at 85% on his first go - his accuracy such that Berdych can't get into the points.


Berdych 5-5 Djokovic

Berdych knows he's got a chance here - he's playing with a lot of confidence and looking for winners off anything short. Which makes sense - there's no point rallying with Djokovic - and a comfortable hold makes it 5-5.


Berdych 4-4 Djokovic

At 40-15, Berdych serves his first double of the match, but fires back immediately; he's got a huge chance if he can get this to a breaker, given Djokovic's shoulder woes.


Berdych 3-4 Djokovic

Djokovic is still serving well within himself - he gets to 30-0 with one of 113mph. Then one of 106 arranges 40-0 before Berdych decides he's had enough and pastes one back at him. Even though Djokovic then takes the game, it's with a second serve of 84mph, and he really doesn't look happy; he's not exploding. So he's trying to make sure that he gets every ball in, but at some point, Berdych will start having a go on the reg.


Berdych 3-3 Djokovic

A comfortable hold for Berdych, who's playing well - if he can get to a breaker, Djokovic will wonder.


Berdych 2-3 Djokovic

Berdych is looking pretty handy so far, moving pretty well - yeah for him, but if he moves well for him and serves well for him, he's a difficult night for anyone. But Djokovic hits his stride during his third service game, clinching it with a superb forehand from the T to the forehand corner.


Berdych 1-2 Djokovic

Djokovic's forehand is in decent nick, and it helps him to 2-1. But his first serve isn't quite there - I wonder if he's 100% fit...


Berdych 1-1 Djokovic

A colossal forehand from Djokovic from away in the corner, gets him 30-all, but Berdych doesn't blink and resolves matters quickly.


Berdych 0-1 Djokovic

Berdych is 2-27 against Djokovic and quickly finds himself 40-0 ahead. Berdych, though closes to 40-30 - Djokovic's second serve is very slow indeed. But he closes out from there.


Djokovic will serve first.


Our players are upon us.