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Wimbledon men • 4th Round

Grigor Dimitrov - Roger Federer
Wimbledon men - 10 July 2017

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Nadal 3-6 4-6 6-3 6-4 10-10 Muller

Not for the first time or anything like it, Muller wins the first point on Nadal's serve, then following an exchange at the net, nadal leaps into another backhand smash ... and this time sends it wide! Muller is two points away! Nadal, though, simply gets on with things, serving wide - on a second serve - and bashing a cross-courter to win the point. Next, another second serve, but again Muller doesn't attack and Nadal zetzes a froehand winner. This is breathless stuff, all the more so when Muller arranges his third matchpoint ... only for Nadal to send him wide on the backhand, then charge into the net and annihilate a volley into the opposite corner. Deuce!

Another serve out wide, and just as Muller moves back towards the T after returning it, the ball speeds towards that same spot. Then, Nadal slices down the line - it looks enough to win the point - but what a wingspan! Muller extends an arm and Nadal can't respond! Deuce again; matchpoint again, when Muller gets to the net first and Nadal slips as he puts away his volley, not that it wouldn't have been a winner anyway. Nadal serves into the body, this time Muller gives it his all, and the ball shoots off the frame! This is fantastic, I can barely feel my fingers!

Muller nets a forehand, Nadal then sends one of his own into the corner ... only to be surprised by what comes back ... only to play a staggeringly brilliant half-volley from around his ankles to send the ball spinning away for a winner. Nadal is quite excited.


Federer was pretty much perfect today, and it's hard to see either of those potential opponents extending him. Djokovic in the semi, different matter.


A shock! Federer doesn't serve out to love! Little victories, Grigor, old pal, little victories. But Federer wins nonetheless; he has absolutely sent for Dimitrov today, winning 4, 2 and 4; he plays Raonic or Zverev next. Good luck, guys.


Gah! Federer makes Dimitrov hit an extra ball, he nets, and that's 15-40. Then, when a second serve is short, Federer looks certain to break, but he doesn't get hold of his backhand and Dimitrov passes! The thing is, he can rival Federer for shots, but not for consistency, and an unforced error means that Federer will shortly serve for the match.


Well done Grigor Dimitrov! He earns two break points, wastes them, earns another and takes it! 4-4, and for a moment at least, we've got ourselves a ball-game!


Oh my days! Federer has just hit a drop-shot off Dimitrov's serve. Ouch. And he wins the point after it too, getting to 15-30; well-in Dimitrov for nailing a backhand down the line to get level and then close out the game. He trails 3-4.


Dimitrov gets to deuce on the Federer serve. Federer closes him out.


2-2 in the third set; it's about time for Federer to break. And he does! Oh dear! Dimitrov just can't hold his game together when things get real, and goes wide with a backhand. This match was over ages ago, but now it's really over.


Dimitrov looks deeply unhappy; in the royal box, David Haye looks at his phone. Again. He may as well have stayed home. Federer gets himself to 15-30 but then makes two rare errors, the second on a second serve, and Dimitrov takes advantage, spanking home a service winner.


A glimmer for Dimitrov - he gets ahead on Federer's serve at 0-15, then doesn't win another point in the game.


Federer doesn't hold to love! Youwotmate? Pathetic! He nets a backhand at 40-0, is runsed by a fantastic forehand return ... and delivers an ace! Set Federer, 6-2.


Dimitrov just can't get near Federer; he loses another break, and Federer is serving for the set at 5-2. It's absolutely incredible that in all these years, no one has come to challenge the old guard; I guess there's Wawrinka, but he's a Slam here and there, not a constant aggravation.


Guess what guys! Federer consolidates, the remorseless, relentless bully.


Dimitrov is crumbling. Serving at 2-2, he first inserts two doubles, then at 15-40 clouts a forehand ten feet long. Serious types just do not do that, and judging by the state of his coupon at change of ends, he knows it.


Perfection from Federer as he serves out to love, set secured with an ace. Dimitrov played pretty well, but old Rog was there waiting when he blinked, and it only takes a few points to undo the many that've gone before it. In particular, Federer is moving beautifully, and just didn't make the kind of forehand errors that got Dimitrov broken.


Dimitrov shows the kind of match we're in for, hammering an ace wide into the advantage court to save a break point. He soon faces another, saved with a serve to the body which forces Federer to net a backhand return, then misses a forehand to secure the game. And misses another forehand to cede another break point! And misses another, ball sitting up lovely, such that Federer will serve for the set after change of ends! That was profoundly careless.


On centre it's tight as ... whatever simile you use to describe tightness. Federer gets to 4-4 with an ace, but hasn't yet looked like breaking serve.


Dimitrov has started well, but so has Federer, who suddenly misses a ball entirely when 40-0 ahead. But though Dimitrov then produces a handy return, it doesn't matter because Federer stays in control of the point and cements it with a forehand.


"One aspect of his game in which he's not the best in the world is his challenges" - so says the commentator of Roger Federer, which reminds me of when England's cricketers decided Jacques Kallis was vulnerable to the run out. Anyway, he puts Dimitrov under immediate pressure but Dimitrov responds well, holding from deuce.


Fed and Baby Fed arrive on Centre.