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Wimbledon men • 3rd Round

Andy Murray - Fabio Fognini
Wimbledon men - 7 July 2017

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Murray: "The end of match was tense. It was a tight game to break him at 5-5 as well. I served really well to finish but it was an up and down match. It wasn't the best tennis, it was a little bit tense, but I managed to get through."


"Let's go!"

Andy Murray kämpft sich weiter

That was right up there as the match of the tournament so far. Stunning grit from Murray after a whirl of the brilliant and shockingly bad from Fogna.


GAME, SET AND MATCH! MURRAY 6-2 4-6 6-1 7-5 FOGNINI. Murray pulls off a Houdini act, somehow hitting back with five games in a row to avoid a decider and sink the tricky Fognini in two hours and 39 minutes courtesy of a love hold. It was a rollercoaster of match that switched momentum unpredictably but his sheer will-power sees the reigning champion and world No.1 through to fight another day. He will now meet France's world No.46 Benoit Paire in round four.


BREAK! MURRAY 6-2 4-6 6-1 6-5 FOGNINI. What a tunaround! That famous Murray spirit sees him break again with a fourth straight game! Fognini continues to mix the sublime with the ridiculously poor. He hands Murray the chance of the break with a shocker of a volley and some stray attempts before unloading a whopping crosscourt forehand to save one. Murray defends hard before a forehand into the net gives him the opportunity to serve for the match. One more massive effort needed now by the World No.1.

Great Britain’s Andy Murray celebrates during his third round match against Italy’s Fabio Fognini

Just the FIVE set point saved by Muzz so far...


MURRAY 6-2 4-6 6-1 5-5 FOGNINI. In-keeping with this crazy match, Murray has a real fight on his hands to kepp Fognini at bay - but he gets it done! He rallies from 0-30 before Fognini snares another set point with a bullet of a forehand. Murray gets to deuce and somehow survives with another timely big serve.


BREAK! MURRAY 6-2 4-6 6-1 4-5 FOGNINI. Never write off Andy Murray! The Brit saves two set points and gets over the line from deuce. It's a bizarre error of judgement from Fognini who challenged a shot that was clearly in on his second set point - but didn't have any challenges left! Murray seized the opportunity and forced two errors from his opponent to break back. He must now hold serve to stay in the set and level it up.


MURRAY 6-2 4-6 6-1 3-5 FOGNINI. That took some doing, but Murray eventually forces the serve-out question. It went from 30-0 to 30-40 in the blink of an eye, and he found himself under yet more pressure. A sizzling return down the line clocked up set point for the Italian but the Brit found a big first serve to get to deuce. Fognini wouldn't let him take it from there though, and Murray procrastinated before a wonderful repertoire of shots from Fogna notched up a second set point. This time the Scot responded with some big serves to keep his slim hopes of turning the set around, alive.


MURRAY 6-2 4-6 6-1 2-5 FOGNINI. It's a hold to love and this rollercoaster of a match has swung towards Fognini, and it had started to look like that early in this set. The Italian has got under Murray's skin and it's hard to predict who is going to win this match from here.

Andy Murray

MURRAY 6-2 4-6 6-1 2-4 FOGNINI. Murray in big trouble in the fourth set. The Brit double faults on Fogna's second break point. He challenges but his face is full of anguish and stress. He knows he's in a real battle to make round four here.


MURRAY 6-2 4-6 6-1 2-3 FOGNINI. Plenty happening in this one now! Fognini double faults at 40-30 to give Murray a chance. The world No.1 produces some exceptional court coverage to reach a drop shot and rifle a pass close to his opponent, who responds with a beautifully controlled volley. Great hands, it has to be said - and Fognini completes the hold when Muzza dumps a forehand into the net.


MURRAY 6-2 4-6 6-1 2-2 FOGNINI. Very interesting! Murray is up against it when he double faults for 0-30. An unforced error from Fognini and a forehand winner put him back in it and he soon leads 40-30. The Italian is ready to keep pushing but gets a point penalty for an obscenity and Murray accepts a gift-wrapped present from the umpire to hold.


Signs are there that this could yet go the distance....


MURRAY 6-2 4-6 6-1 1-2 FOGNINI. Murray has his chances but can't engineer a break opening. At 30-30 Fognini dispatches an perfectly-timed backhand winner down the line before clinching the game with a deliciously-executed drop shot.


MURRAY 6-2 4-6 6-1 1-1 FOGNINI. Murray racing around the court, dictating the points when the big serve doesn't fire. He sees Fognini's love hold and matches it.


MURRAY 6-2 4-6 6-1 0-1 FOGNINI. A super response from Fognini. The Twitter-verse was already writing his Wimbledon obituary, but he's not completely dialled out just yet. He belts down a crunching overhead to clinch an emphatic love hold to open the fourth.


Another cracking stat with a hint of a warning...


SET! - MURRAY 6-2 4-6 6-1 FOGNINI. A big serve down the middle T clinches the hold to 30 as Murray serves out to confidently grab a breadstick for his supper.

Andy Murray of Great Britain celebrates during the Gentlemen's Singles first round match against Alexander Bublik of Kazakhstan on day one of the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club on July 3, 2017 in London

BREAK! - MURRAY 6-2 4-6 5-1 FOGNINI. Murray kept moving while Fognini was receiving treatment - and he's clearly the more mobile when they reconvene. The Italian has a shocker as he 's broken to love. Hard to tell if that's the ankle or just one of Fognini's lulls. Anyway, Murray to serve for a 2-1 lead.


MURRAY 6-2 4-6 4-1 FOGNINI. A clenched fist from Murray as he consolidates to 15 with a big service game that includes a 10th ace of the match. The players take a seat and there will be a short delay as Fognini has called for the trainer for an issue with his ankle.

Great Britain’s Andy Murray in action during his third round match

BREAK! - MURRAY 6-2 4-6 3-1 FOGNINI. A really sloppy game for Fognini - but Murray won't care! The Italian fires long of the baseline on a couple of occasions to give Muzza two bites at the break. A deft touch at the net saves one, but the No.28 seed scoops Murray's deep return way out of court on the next and the Scot has the initiative.


MURRAY 6-2 4-6 2-1 FOGNINI. A bull-dozing backhand down the line is followed up by a lovely caressed touch at the net from Fognini to set the alarm bells ringing for Murray's camp. It proves a false dawn, as some heavy serving sees the world No.1 surge to four points on the spin and come through with ease.


MURRAY 6-2 4-6 1-1 FOGNINI. Murray turns away in dismay as he dumps a make-able forehand return into the net after working his way back to 40-30 from love.


MURRAY 6-2 4-6 1-0 FOGNINI. Murray looks for the crowd as Fognini tamely nets a second serve at 30-30. He screams 'Come on!' - and they respond. He follows it with a strong first serve down the middle T and edges over the line to get on the board first. 'Let's go!' he shouts trying to energise himself.


Good stat!


SET! - MURRAY 6-2 4-6 FOGNINI. It's all square at 1-1. Murray is embarrassed by a complete air-shot as he misjudges a bounce to the baseline to tee up triple set point. The Italian overcooks an attempted winner down the right wing but forces the error from Muzza's forehand on the next point to leave the crowd murmuring with concern.

Fognini Wimbledon

MURRAY 6-2 4-5 FOGNINI. Murray shrugs off a sublime crosscourt return winner at 40-0 to take the game on the next point with a big first serve Fognini can't keep in. The Italian now has the opportunity to serve out Set 2.


MURRAY 6-2 3-5 FOGNINI. Fognini playing up to the crowd now, smiling away and getting some laughs. He romps to a love hold and is closing in on levelling up this match.

Fabio Fognini, Wimbledon

MURRAY 6-2 3-4 FOGNINI. Murray stays in touch with a much more consistent service game to 15. His form has dipped quite raggedly in the past few games. Can he raise it again to avoid dropping his first set of the tournament?


MURRAY 6-2 2-4 FOGNINI. The world No.29 roars 4-0 up but then gets a little edgy. Murray gets to within one point of making deuce but Fognini stops and challenges a shot to the baseline - and he's right. Good call from the eagle-eyed Italian who consolidates to take control of this set in a match where the momentum continues to be unpredictably fluid.


BREAK! - MURRAY 6-2 2-3 FOGNINI. Sir Andy is giving Fognini real hope here and that's very dangerous. It's a weak service game that includes a double fault and the Italian doesn't have to much to get to double break point. Murray saves one with a seventh ace but then slaps a poor backhand low into the foot of the net.

Fognini Wimbledon

And we love this analysis of the Italian!


MURRAY 6-2 2-2 FOGNINI. Better from the No.28 seed. He's almost like a pantomime villain out there, with the crowd giving him jibes about his strops. When he hits the zone he's a joy to watch though, turning 0-15 into a game-win with four points in a row - and an ace to finish too.


MURRAY 6-2 2-1 FOGNINI. Murray ensures Fogna's mood doesn't get any better as he surges to the love hold.


BREAK! - MURRAY 6-2 1-1 FOGNINI. Fabio smashes his racket to the floor. That'll lead to a punishment. It's just what Muzza and the Centre Court crowd want to see. If he loses his discipline it'll play into Murray's hands. He turns 0-30 to 40-30 but then opts for a poor slice that doesn't even reach the net. Murray fights hard to stay in the points and produces a lovely pass that leads him towards the immediate break back.


BREAK! - MURRAY 6-2 0-1 FOGNINI. Well, that's exactly what he didn't want to do. Fognini gets a lift with an immediate break after looking rather fed up with himself. A pair of double faults put Murray in danger at 30-40 but he shuffles his pack and produces a wide ace to make deuce. Fognini goes on the offensive and gets another chance, finishing it off with a delicate touch at the net that Muzza can't get near.


That collapse sums up Fognini when he's not given any encouragement. When he's good he can be almost unplayable, so it was important Muray knocked the wind out of his sails early. Now he needs to keep that momentum going.


SET! - MURRAY 6-2 FOGNINI. Murray breaks again as Fogna has a complete shocker. The Italian serves up a flurry of double fault to pretty much break himself to love and hand the set to Muzza inside half an hour.

Britain's Andy Murray reacts after breaking Germany's Dustin Brown's serve during their men's singles second round match on the third day of Wimbledon

MURRAY 5-2 FOGNINI. Murray gives himself work to do from 0-30 and 30-40, but finds a big serve and a deep forehand to the opposite flank to reach parity. An ace and another thumping serve ensure he consolidates and means he is in good shape to see out this opening set.


BREAK! - MURRAY 4-2 FOGNINI. Murray snares his first chance at 30-40 - and makes the breakthrough! Fogna fuming with himself as he misfires on the forehand. Just what the World No.1 needed.


MURRAY 3-2 FOGNINI. Murray picks an opportune moment to fire down an ace and a big serve to keep his nose in front from 30-30.


MURRAY 2-2 FOGNINI. The Italian has some shots up his sleeve and he unloads a pearl of a forehand to clinch an emphatic love hold.


MURRAY 2-1 FOGNINI. Wonderful court coverage a net reactions from Murray as he turns a 15-30 concern around with real confidence.

Andy Murray

MURRAY 1-1 FOGNINI. A Fognini backhand drops on the baseline, but Murray still has time to size up a forehand that he disappointingly dumps into the net. It concludes a game that had seen him race 0-30 ahead. A good response from the Italian but signs that the Scot can do some damage in the games ahead.


Let's hope we don't see much of this tonight.


MURRAY 1-0 FOGNINI. Ridiculously good from Murray as he opens with a big first serve and two aces. A double fault halts the red-hot start but he outlasts Fogna in the ensuing rally to get off to a confident opening.


Murray will serve first...


Murray: "He has good hands up at the net. He moves extremely well on the other surfaces. I don't know how well he moves on the grass."

Andy Murray's route to the Wimbledon final

Fognini: "Of course, he's the favourite... I know my game. I know how to play against him. We know each other really well. I'm ready."

Fabio Fognini - Roland Garros 2017

HEAD-TO-HEAD: Murray lost the most recent clash between the two at the Italian Open a couple of months back. It's 3-3 overall - but on grass it should certainly favour Murray.


Next up on Centre Court we've got the main course: reigning champion and World No.1 Andy Murray against No.28 seed Fabio Fognini. The Italian loves the big stage and could provide an upset if the Scot isn't a his best.

Andy Murray applauds the Wimbledon fans after beating Dustin Brown