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Wimbledon men • Semifinal

Andy Murray - Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
Wimbledon men - 6 July 2012

Wimbledon – Follow the Tennis match between Andy Murray and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga live with Eurosport. The match starts at 22:00 on 6 July 2012. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.
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"It was tough to lose that set - I tried to stay calm but it's not easy. There's a lot of pressure when you're on the court, but you've just got to focus", said Murray, who will bid to become the first British winner of the men's title since Fred Perry in 1936.


Murray will face Federer on Sunday. The first British man to reach a Wimbledon final since 1938. A stunning victory all round.


GAME, SET AND MATCH MURRAY! Murray wins the first point of the game aided by a stinging forehand. Tsonga's second serve is not sharp enough as Murray slams the ball at his feet. A mishit by Tsonga flies out before he restores calm by converting an overhead at the net. Murray with a 30-15 lead. Tsonga dumps the volley into the net, and Murray has two match points. Some confusion, but the ball lands in from the return and Murray is into the final.


MURRAY 6-5 - Murray throws in his second double fault of the match before a forehand is dumped into the net and once again Murray trails 30-15 at a key moment. A decent serve is faded long by Tsonga on the return. 30-30. Huge moment. Murray with a second serve that is willing to be hit, but Tsonga can only unload the return into the net. Tsonga long seconds later. A massive hold for Murray, who leads 6-5 now. Phew! Tension and nerves.


5-5 - Tsonga delivering when it matters to move 40-0 clear. He cuts a backhand wide as the score reaches 40-15. Tsonga furious as the umpire wrongly calls the ball out. Has to replay the point. Murray slams the return out of play as the match draws level. Murray to serve. If he holds, he is at least assured of a tie-break from this fourth set.


MURRAY 5-4 Massive hold by the Scot! Murray being pressed back by the power of Tsonga's forehand. A 30-15 lead for Murray with Tsonga coming to the net at every opportunity. He drills a forehand away from Murray, and suddenly Tsonga has two break points. Murray saves the first one with a big first serve that Tsonga returns long. Bad call at a key point on serve, but Murray comes up with a second serve that Tsongsa knocks long. We go to deuce before Murray sneaks out with the hold.


Brilliant escape by Tsonga! Murray continues to push and probe in his own inimitable style to move 30-0 ahead only for Tsonga to come up with a timely ace to close to 30-15. Tsonga dumps a volley into the net on the next point, and suddenly Muzza has another two break points. Murray then takes a fall as Tsonga brings off a wonderful volley. Murray lobs Tsonga, but the Frenchman produces a brilliant winner as Murray dives, but knocks the ball wide. What an escape that is by Tsonga, who levels.


MURRAY 4-3 - Anything that Murray lands at the explosive Tsonga forehand has to be treated with the utmost care, but Murray finds the required shots to move 40-15 clear. A big serve followed by a blistering forehand is good enough for Murray to eke out a 4-3 lead in this fourth set. Two games short of the final, but he must try to quell this Tsonga recovery. Tsonga also reading the Murray serve a whole lot better.


3-3 - Tsonga has stepped up the pace on the forehand side. Murray almost brings up a 30-0 lead, but Tsonga dives at the net to convert the winning volley. All getting very interesting as Murray falls 40-15 down after a big Tsonga serve. A 40-30 lead for Tsonga, who prevents deuce with an astonishing backhand winner across the court. We are level at 3-3.


BREAK TSONGA! MURRAY 3-2 Tsonga slides a brilliant forehand winner down the line after an epic rally to move 30-15 clear on the Murray serve. Big moments, but Murray responds with an ace down the middle as Tsonga dumps the return into the net. Murray goes into the net only for Tsonga to come up with a backhand winner on the run. An ace from Murray saves the day. Deuce. Tension mounts., but Tsonga brings up the second break point with a drop volley. A crushing return completes the recovery.


BREAK MURRAY! 3-1 - Back to his best just in time. Murray swipes the winner across court with the forehand before Tsonga double faults. Murray does well to get the ball back over the line trailing 30-0, but Tsonga nudges the winner over the net to get back to 30-15 behind. Murray then comes up with another fabulous winner from deep with the forehand to bring up two break points. He only needs one as Tsonga knocks the ball long after a dive volley at the net crawled over.


MURRAY 2-1 - Tsonga somehow knocks the ball out on the backhand side from two Murray serves. A real mixed bag by the Frenchman. Murray then fails to knock the ball into the empty court as he hits the net with Tsonga stranded, but Murray comes up with a blistering winner on the run seconds later. Stunning winner. On we go with Murray attempting to grab this break.


1-1 - Tsonga is looking a lot more animated. Looking really pumped up in moving 40-0 clear only for a couple of unforced errors to haul Murray back into it. The big forehand damages Murray as Tsonga sees out the game to level at 1-1. Games on serve.


MURRAY 1-0 - The mood of this match changing somewhat. The crowd all a bit quiet. Not sure what the story is with the crowd today. Tsonga rams a ball into the net at 30-30. Golden chance gone as Tsonga then hits the rigging with a backhand. Sloppy stuff from Tsonga just when he needed better. An important hold by Murray.


SET TSONGA 6-3 - Tsonga forced to overcome a Murray tennis ball that flew straight between his legs. Was also a late call that Tsonga won on a challenge, but he gets over the line to win the third set from 15-30 behind. Tsonga heads off the court. Murray with work to be done to turn this into a British win. Tsonga came to life in that third set. Huge moments now. A 2-1 lead for Murray in the match.


TSONGA 5-3 - Murray not giving up the ghost here as he produces much, much better form to hold and deny his opponent the chance to force a fourth set without serving for it. Tsonga on a bit of a roll here, but Murray will try to read his serve and break back. Tsonga will serve for the third set.


TSONGA 5-2 - A fabulous half volley from Tsonga after a crushing serve is good enough to carry Tsonga away from Murray at 30-30 as he puts another game to bed. Tsonga needs one more game to force the fourth set. Can Murray rouse himself him in time to prolong this set? He will serve to stay alive here.


TSONGA 4-2 - A lot more like the first two sets from Murray as he backs Tsonga up to stay within one break of his rival in dropping a solitary point. Would dearly love to get the break back here and try to get the job done in three sets. The longer Tsonga stays out there, the more dangerous he will be. Timing certainly a lot better from the powerful world number six.


TSONGA 4-1 - The Frenchman somehow misses an overhead smash at the net leading 30-15. What a miss that was. Truly amazing. Murray bounds to the net to convert a passing shot in bringing up a break back point only for Tsonga to respond with a gusty second serve. Murray forces a second break point as Tsonga pulls a forehand wide, but the French player dominates the next point to repel Murray. Tsonga again collapses in the next point at the net as Murray converts, but Tsonga responds to hold.


TSONGA 3-1 - Murray starting to tighen up in this third set as he wallops a backhand into the net to fall 30-40 behind. The second serve lands at the Tsonga backhand, but he slips it into the net. Golden chance of the double break gone. Murray serves out wide to move to advantage before a booming forehand is too good for Tsonga. Phew! Murray happy to hold serve. He trails 3-1.


TSONGA 3-0 - This match is suddenly back on. Tsonga coming good at deuce with a lovely winning volley at the net to fall over the line. Much, much better from the former Australian Open finalist. Murray took his eye off the ball to drop serve in the previous game. Tsonga cements the break. Tsonga does not need any invitation to thump this tennis ball.


BREAK TSONGA 2-0 - Murray broken to love. A real poor game to throw in at this stage of the contest. Never seen that one coming I must confess as the British player pays the price for a double fault and failing to convert a short ball at the net. Tsonga also coming up with a better return. The French player given fresh hope here after his stint seeing the physio.


TSONGA 1-0 - Vital that the French player gets himself off to a flying start on his serve in the third set. And does. An impressive hold is just what the doctor ordered. Tsonga apparently has a back injury. Tsonga recovered from 2-0 behind against Federer a year ago. Can he do it again?


SET MURRAY 6-4 - Murray playing at the peak of his powers in moving two sets clear. Tsonga takes a time out. Perhap an injury break as he sees a backhand float long from the back of the court. Not sure how much more punishment Tsonga can absorb out there. Murray is relishing his day out. One set away from the Wimbledon final against Roger Federer on Sunday. What an occasion that is going to be.


MURRAY 5-4 - Tsonga forced to deuce again by Murray. A real, real struggle for the French player to keep himself afloat in the match. Manages to crawl over the line as Murray fails to flick a shot on the run over the net. Tsonga calling for the trainer which is hardly a surprise. Not moving too impressively. Tsonga winning only 10 per cent on his second serve. Huge pressure being applied by Murray, who will serve for a 2-0 lead.


MURRAY 5-3 - 15 straight points for Murray on serve. Another game races past in around 70 seconds. A love game. One game will hand Muzza a 2-0 lead. This is not the afternoon British fans were expecting. Almost siesta time out on the Murray Mound. Anyone for strawberries and cream?


MURRAY 4-3 - Tsonga only winning 13 per cent of his serves on second serve which means he is likely to lose the point if he doesn't find the first serve. Is Tsonga nervous? Is he injured? He settles himself down to recover to 4-3 behind with a couple of his booming Tsonga forehands, but it appears to be brief calm in the storm that Murray is whipping up. The Scot will serve with a break.


MURRAY 4-2 - 11 straight points on serve now for Murray, who is going through Tsonga here like a dose of salts. This just keeps getting better for Murray against a figure whose backhand is misfiring while the forehand is wobbly. Murray within two games of the second set.


BREAK MURRAY! 3-2 - Murray is dismantling the Tsonga game here. Murray is moving quicker than Tsonga, who drops serve for a second time in this match. Forced to save another two break points, but Murray will be not be denied as he lets out a huge 'yes' in moving 3-2 up with the break and a set ahead in the match. Tsonga doesn't seem to have an answer to this at the moment.


2-2 - Murray is just oozing confidence in his service game. Took just 63 seconds for Murray to hold to love. The ace count starting to make impressive reading for the Great British hope. Now up to six with Tsonga managing three. Crucial that Tsonga doesn't drop serve here.


TSONGA 2-1 - Tsonga again in a bit of pickle at 30-30. Murray suffers a fall at the back of the court in that game. Picks himself up off the deck before misfiring in the final two points of the game. Tsonga with a 2-1 lead. Murray will serve to restore parity in this set.


1-1 - Not exactly a nailbiting time so far for Murray or his supporters. All going to plan so far with Murray encountering few problems on his service game. Murray won the first set against Nadal a year ago, but this seems an easier occasion for Murray with the French player not really coping with Murray's serve or his sliced backhands. We remain on serve.


TSONGA 1-0 - More danger signs for Tsonga as Murray scurries his way around the court to move 30-0 clear. Tsonga quickly back to 30-30 with a big overhead winner and a big serve. Murray meets a first serve head on, but can only nudge it back as Tsonga wrong foots him. Tsonga thrashes a backhand into the net as the score reaches deuce. Murray doing wonderfully well to retrieve the ball, but Tsonga sees out the game with a big first serve. He holds for a 1-0 lead.


SET MURRAY 6-3 - Murray up to four forehand winners for the set as he moves 40-15 clear. Exceptional stuff from Murray as he opens up the court before lifting a forehand winner into the vacant court to open with the first set. A punch of the air to the crowd is good news for Muzza and good news for the home fans. On we go. An almost perfect way to start this match by Murray.


MURRAY 5-3 - Tsonga has razor sharp reflexes, but he continues to try to work out how to break down the Murray game. Murray's variation continues to produce problems as he moves the ball from side to side. Tsonga winning almost 90 per cent of his first serve points as he forces the Scot to see out the set on his serve. Over to Murray.


MURRAY 5-2 - Murray not needing to warm up out there in the opening set. He is well and truly warmed up as he races along the baseline to send a winner spinning beyond Tsonga on the run. A special shot by Muzza to move within one game of the opening set. Tsonga having to deal with the British home crowd and a Murray who has come to the party with his A game.


MURRAY 4-2 - Vital that Tsonga does not let disappointment affect his movements after two break points disappeared in the previous game. Chance for Murray trailing 30-15, but he just cannot convert at the net as the prospect of a winner down the line loomed. Tsonga sees out another service game with another crushing serve. A 4-2 lead for Murray.


MURRAY 4-1 - Tsonga rips the ball at the feet of Murray who can only find the net with the attempted volley. Two break points for Tsonga to break back, but Murray comes up with the goods in saving the two of them to the delight of a Centre Court that only appears to be half full. A first ace of the day hands Murray advantage. And a second ace completes the job. Murray moves 4-1 clear. Saves two break points. A big hold.


MURRAY 3-1 - Murray clips a forehand winner across court at the outset of the fourth game, but it proves to be a false dawn as the French player comes roaring back to put his first game of the day on the board. A 3-1 lead for Murray with the break. Can't afford to take his foot off the gas against such an opponent. Or any opponent in a semi-final.


MURRAY 3-0 - Henman Hill or Rusdeski Ridge is now firmly Murray Mound. The fans enjoying their day out as Muzza comes up with the goods on serve to cement the break for a 3-0 lead. Drops one point in that game, but is not dropping his concentration levels. If Murray could have scripted this start, he couldn't have come up with anything better. The sun is out and Murray is buzzing.


BREAK MURRAY 2-0 - From 30-0 down and seemingly from nowhere Murray has the chance to break at 30-40, but Tsonga comes up with a lovely drop shot volley at the net to bring the scores to deuce. Murray responds in the very next point with a blistering forehand winner across court. Tsonga slips on the approach. Another break point for Murray that he takes this time as a booming backhand down the line leaves Tsonga for dead. What a brilliant start this is.


MURRAY 1-0 Murray wins the first three points, Tsonga the next two - one with a delicious lob - before the French player wallops the ball long to ensure there will be no break in the opening game of this match. Centre Court not yet full, but Murray is off and running.


Murray to serve in the opening game of the match.


A 5-1 lead for Murray over Tsonga in the head-to-head meetings. Murray fairly ripped Tsonga apart on grass in the final of Queen's Club a year ago. He will hope for similar today.


The sun has his hat on all of a sudden. No rain in sight. Murray has lost the past three years at this stage to Andy Roddick (2009), Rafael Nadal (2010) and Rafael Nadal (2011). Will this be the time he makes the final?


Players make their way out to the Centre Court. People still catching their breath after that opening match. The roof is now off so completely different surroundings and atmosphere for this match.


The roof is coming off. Slowly but surely. This is never done and dusted in 10 minutes. Andy Murray knows who he will be up against with Federer in terrific form against Djokovic. The Swiss player bidding for a 17th Slam in the final, but who will he face? Can Murray make it? Or will Tsonga spoil the party.


After six-times champion Roger Federer produced a vintage display to beat defending champion Novak Djokovic 6-3 3-6 6-4 6-3 in the first semi-final, organisers have decided to open the roof for this match.


Andy Murray bids to become the first British man for 74 years to make the final when he plays Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.