Murray's defeat: The world reacts

Murray's defeat: The world reacts
By Reuters

09/07/2012 at 20:35Updated 09/07/2012 at 21:28

We round up all the reaction to Andy Murray's defeat in the Wimbledon final.

The tennis stars

"I really do believe deep down that he will win Grand Slams, and not just one." - Roger Federer on Andy Murray

"For Murray it's four grand slam finals now. It gets harder and harder with every defeat. Yesterday was the best two sets of tennis I've ever seen him play and he was still just one apiece against the greatest man to have played the game." - Greg Rusedski

"Yesterday afternoon on Centre Court, Roger Federer played three of the best sets he has ever produced. Holy cow, this is one magician... As for Andy Murray, he has proved over the last two weeks that he deserves to belong with the big three. There are four big beasts now." - Legendary tennis coach Nick Bollettieri

"Andy was just a couple of points away from achieving the goal he has been chasing all his life. He had two break points at 4-4 in the second set, and if he had won one of those, I really think the match was his... I haven't seen a runners-up speech quite like that one before. It just shows you how much he cares." - Boris Becker


"Federer's ball striking and timing was immaculate. I don't think Federer plays as consistently as he did a couple of years ago, but when he plays his best tennis he is the best." - Tim Henman

"Kim Clijsters lost her first four and then won four. Ivan Lendl lost his first four and won eight. So I believe that whenever he wins the first one, the floodgates will open. He's closer than ever but winning that first one is so difficult." - Brad Gilbert

The papers' verdict

"They closed the roof to keep out the rain but Centre Court flooded with tears." - The Daily Record's Colin Duncan

"It was like old times: the master who wields beauty as if it were a razor, and Murray was overwhelmed. I have seen leopards hunt, moving as if every joint had been bathed in a gallon of oil and glowing as if lit from within: and that was Federer beneath the roof yesterday. He took control of time and place, and savaged his opponent with a remote and disinterested beauty. No wonder poor Andy wept." - The Times's Simon Barnes

"Lendl could not win Wimbledon; in his two finals he did not win a set. His pupil has gone one better than that. And one day he will do better still." - The Times's Neil Harman

"There is no misty-eyed golden age to remember in tennis. The golden years are now. It is Murray's misfortune to have as contemporaries men who would have bestrode any other time like Colossus: Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic." - The Daily Mail's Martin Samuel

"He had come close. He had unsettled a genius for a set and a half. But then the genius played like a genius and it was too much." - The Daily Mirror's Oliver Holt


"Boy oh boy did I just become an Andy Murray fan." - Friends star Matthew Perry

"My brother is a champion. He may not have won but he is a champion. And to stand up and deliver that speech shows what kind of person he is." - Andy's brother Jamie Murray

"Federer, all hail, 7th Wimbledon championship. Andy Murray, you are a champion in my eyes. One day mate, it will be you." - Aussie actor Russell Crowe

"As it turns out, with that speech Andy Murray today has won more than any Wimbledon title is worth. He has won the hearts of the Country." - TV presenter Eamonn Holmes

"Hats off to Murray for a great fight. But we saw why Federer is the GOAT (greatest of all time)." - Philanderer and golf star Tiger Woods

"Hard luck to Andy Murray. He'll get there eventually and it'll be all the sweeter when he does." - British Olympic legend Chris Hoy

"Watching Murray's interview on TV shows sport at its most raw. Hugely brave. His time will come." - FIFA chief Sepp Blatter

"Hey, look - Murray's a decent guy after all. Who knew, apart from anyone who's paid any attention to him over the years?" - Eurosport's own Mark Patterson

"This is so sad. It's like watching the end of E.T. but with longer necks." - Scottish comedian Robert Florence