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England - New Zealand
Test Match - 2 December 2012

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The final whistle goes, and England have recorded a quite unbelievable win against New Zealand, the biggest in the history of this fixture. The All Blacks unbeaten run ends at 20 matches, and England have announced themselves as World Cup contenders!


The ball is flung clear, and New Zealand have a three-man overlap - but Read spills the ball to give it away as he should have run in unopposed!


New Zealand stay camped within 10m of the line...


England still pushing up but they give away a penalty - and New Zealand go on a marauding run from deep in their own half. Nonu makes most of the running, but the offloading is so good that it seems ultimately they must score in the corner only for the final pass to go missing.


England storm up to chase a deep restart kick and win the ball, with Brown having a chance at a drop goal that curls just wide of the left post.


The try is converted to cut the deficit to 17 points - but all they're playing for is to avoid the worst ever defeat to an England side. The old record - 13 points - was set back in 1936!


New Zealand go for the corner and take the throw perfectly, flinging it out ultimately to Savea to earn his second try of the match! Yet surely there's no chance of a comeback now?


Foul by Vunipola as England turn it over - and his cynicism earns a yellow card. Considering he's been on the pitch all of three minutes that's terrible.


New Zealand are being systematically destroyed - they can hardly get hold of the ball as England run rampant. Straight away they have pushed up once again, phase after phase...


The pressure brings yet another penalty to England, and Burns will have a crack at it - just under 40m out and fairly central... and it's there!


Wood was very close to closing out another try with help from the superb Mike Brown - outstanding today - but it's still all England pressure.


Great run by Tom Wood gets England within 10m - and they recycle well, flinging it wide... right until Ashton drops a pass. Bah!


New Zealand win it cleanly and clear the lines, but England take a quick throw and are in again...


England have penalty advantage, but Burns kicks through deep into the 22m - it's a lineout 5m out to NZ.


Ben Youngs comes off after a magnificent afternoon, Danny Care replaces him.


New Zealand penalised from a scrum after the restart for standing up - penalty to England, and Burns will be able to kick deep for a throw on the 22m.


Tuilagi is among a series of players brought off by England - Jonathan Joseph on to replace him as the hosts bring in fresh legs to close this match out.


New Zealand lucky not to get someone yellow-carded for that miserable bit of cheating, but Burns gets his reward: his penalty from almost under the posts goes straight through the middle. That's his first points for England, less than five minutes into his debut!


Youngs stopped a few yards out but offloads to Brown, but England keep coming - and Freddie Burns looks to be in! He chips over into the try area with nobody there - but is tripped! Disgusting!


England take the ball from the restart - and Ben Youngs breaks the line, he's almost through!


Freddie Burns comes on to replace Owen Farrell - what an incredible decision to bring off the fly-half who has orchestrated this.


This is absolutely the best England performance imaginable - what a response to giving away two tries early in this half. Magnificent.


Farrell slots it over for the extra points - and England have never scored so many points against the All Blacks as they have already today.


ENGLAND HAVE DONE IT AGAIN! Another try, with Read panicking totally with a terrible offload that Tuilagi intercepts and runs in for another try! Brown was trying to point him under the posts, but Tuilagi touches down to make no mistake!


England overwhelm the All Blacks from the restart with a kick deep to put Dagg under pressure. Penalty to the All Blacks and they kick for touch.


Absolutely anybody's game, but with England having hit back New Zealand will wonder what on earth has happened. Just when it seemed normal service was resumed...!


Farrell misses the conversion once again - sliced just wide of the right - and they're just nine ahead.


ANOTHER TRY FOR ENGLAND! Clean line out spun wide to Tuilagi, who breaks the line superbly and could almost run it in himself - but instead times a perfect delivery to Ashton, who runs in to score his first try in 10 matches with a trademark swallow dive!


It's a poor throw that misses everyone, and Richie McCaw steps up to collect - but the ball is forced wide and it's an England throw again.


A stunning turn of events, and straight from the restart England back on top once more - a clearing kick only gets as far as the 22m and England have the lineout.


Farrell so unlucky with the conversion - it hits the post!


ENGLAND HIT BACK AND SCORE FROM THE RESTART! An amazing sequence of events as England steal the ball, and Farrell spins it out to Barritt, who beats three men, passes to Tuilagi, and is there to collect the offload before running in at the corner!


It's a simple conversion for Carter, and he makes no mistake. All of a sudden England lead by just a single point...


New Zealand score again! Once again the All Blacks spin it wide quickly, Jane almost makes it on his own as he breaks three tackles yet again, and Read is on hand after two quick offloads to run it through and score. Unbelievable turnaround!


England almost steal the ball from the restart, but New Zealand spin it wide quickly and Nonu kicks into the 22m - Farrell is there to clear, but misses touch.


The replay shows that the ref was totally wrong to give a penalty against Farrell - he did everything right... On such things matches turn.


Carter lines up the kick from just three metres in... and this time he's slotted it straight through the middle. It's 15-7!


New Zealand score! They spin the ball wide, finally pushing England back at last until the ball gets to Savea in the corner, 2m out, and he touches down easily. Stunning try from the visitors, and this is the start of a long road back.


The All Blacks go for the corner - they're already IN the corner - and will work it wide...


NZ spin it wide - and Cory Jane makes a lightning break on the right flank! He's made of Teflon - he breaks one tackle, two, three... finally hauled down 5m out. Farrell grabs the ball from the breakdown and releases Brown - but ref says the ball wasn't yet out and it's a penalty.


New Zealand recycling well, but the England defence is inspired - they're pushing the All Blacks back a step for every step forward...


NZ win the scrum cleanly, and really need to hang on to the ball to get something going.


England pushed back from the restart, and end up running it from their own 22m as full-back Alex Goode wrong-foots Carter to break the line. He gets to half-way and England are offloading well, but finally the ball is spilt and a scrum conceded.


Farrell nails it yet again! Magnificent stuff, all five kicks have been absolute dead centre. England are roaring away with this right now.


The scrum breaks down - and straight away, England have another penalty! Farrell will kick from out on the right-hand side, half-way between 22m and 10m...


Straight from the restart England win the ball, and get a scrum.


Owen Farrell kicks off to get the second half under way.


Apparently it's the first time since 1998 that New Zealand have failed to score in the first half of a match. That was against the Springboks.


Steve Hansen will probably be tearing in to his men right now, and rightly so: they've looked totally moribund. This will be a massive test for a young England team, though: New Zealand will certainly show their class in the second period. Can England hang on?


This is the best England performance I've seen for many, many years. New Zealand look genuinely rattled: they're being totally dominated up front by their hosts, and in the backs England have looked far sharper. Carter's two terrible misses are also in stark contrast to Farrell's flawless work with the boot. Incredible stuff...


IT'S THERE! England lead the All Blacks 12-0 at half-time! What an amazing story this could become - and there's no doubt that England thoroughly deserve their lead.


No double-thinking from Robshaw there - the clock was in the red, so a kick the only option. Farrell tries from dead centre, nearly 50m out....


Patient work from England - intentionally keeping it with the forwards, tight and central, giving up no ground... and it works! New Zealand venture offside - and Farrell will have a chance to make it 12-0!


England keeping it tight, perhaps hoping for a mistake and another penalty, as the clock heads for the red.


Absolutely amazing stuff from the home side - they are all over the world champions and have won the ball again at the restart.


Brilliant work from England as they storm forwards - Mike Brown taken round the neck but no penalty called, yet there's a breakdown infrginement and England have penalty advantage. Knowing he has a free shot, Farrell goes for the drop goal - and it's dead centre! Beautiful kicking and it's 9-0!


Terrible throw-in by New Zealand misses everyone - and Ben Youngs nips in at the back to collect the ball! He flings it out to Farrell whose deep kick puts the All Blacks in their own 22m. Carter covers back to kick clear, but Engand back in the NZ half with a throw-in.


Scrum breaks down and Dan Cole is judged at fault - he's not impressed, but the All Blacks breathe a sigh of relief as they kick for touch.


England working the ball well and making plenty of ground - and Tuilagi almost breaks the line! Huge cheer from the crowd, but Carter's desperate lunge just about stops Tuilagi before he can roar away. Accidental offside at the breakdown and New Zealand get the scrum on their own 22m.


England handed a penalty from the restart as Launchbury goes down hard while challenging Kieran Read for the ball. Tough on Read - he seemed to be going for the ball fair and square.


Superb stuff from England - they lead 6-0, and it's in no way a fluke.


The penalty is from way out on the right-hand side, almost on the 10m line. 42m, the computer says... but Farrell puts it straight through the middle! Outstanding kick!


Nice, patient work from England forces a penalty! A tricky-looking chip through puts Dagg under pressure, and Launchbury and Wood pressure him into hanging on in the tackle! Great chance for three more points...


England kick the ball clear and New Zealand come up again, only to lose it on the fifth phase this time as Cole once again gets in the mix and prompts an All Blacks knock on. Scrum to England.


New Zealand building the phases patiently, coming upfield - but England manage to steal! It's Dan Cole who manages to grab it out from a ruck.


From the drop-out New Zealand spin out to Nonu on the left flank, and his dangerous-looking chip-through is cleared to touch desperately by Goode.


CARTER MISSES AGAIN! That was one your grandad could have landed while wearing his wellies down the park. This time it was sliced wide - perhaps the two worst kicks at goal I've ever seen Carter produce back-to-back.


Classic errord from England - New Zealand steal the ball from the restart, and Ben Morgan's frustration sees him jump into the breakdown at the side. Carter has a chance to level the match from just over 30m and fairly central.


Farrell's kick is perfect - England take the lead! And it's no less than they deserve after that outstanding spell of pressure. New Zealand were on the ropes, and Aaron Smith in particular looks shaky today.


The replay shows Ashton was well covered actually - and at least England will come out with something as Farrell has a chance from the 22m, half-way between 15m and 5m.


Rolling maul works better this time and Morgan breaks and almost makes it to the line - with the advantage called by the ref, England spin it wide and a try looks on... right until Chris Ashton drops his pass on the far side! Great chance missed...


England turn it over! The ball goes out to Nonu from the throw in, but he slices his kick and England have the throw deep in the 22m. Great work!


Harsh on England there, but the attacking chance is gone... only it isn't! NZ win the scrum and Aaron Smith is about to clear it, but his kick is blocked by Tom Wood! Line-out to NZ deep in their own 22m!


England take it cleanly and it's a rolling maul - but the ref's call to use it or lose it is ignored, and the scrum goes to NZ. Even though the maul was still going forward, and the ball came out just moments later.


Farrell nails the penalty kick deep into the 22m but out of touch this time... great attacking platform for the hosts.


Goode kicks for touch from the mark, and when it's not straight England win a scrum - from where NZ give away a penalty for wheeling more than 90 degrees.


New Zealand kick England back again and Jane makes a good run up the right flank before being stopped, only for NZ to give the ball away with a terrible chip straight to Alex Goode.


Sam Whitelock steals the ball from the England lineout - chance gone, and Carter kicks the ball deep to put England on the back foot once again. Can't score from their own half.


Now it's New Zealand's turn to lose their heads: Brodie Retallick hangs on to the ball in the tackle, and Farrell will kick for touch from the penalty deep in the NZ half.


Carter doesn't miss those sorts of chances... at least not normally, but somehow the genius has blown it! The ball is pulled wide of the right upright - a shocking blunder from a true great.


Idiotic by Corbisiero - absolutely idiotic - as he intentionally blunders into Aaron Smith while a mile offside after a breakdown. The ref is not fooled by him lifting his arms in apology, and Dan Carter has a penalty, dead centre, 35m out.


All Black scrum is just beyond the 10m and dead centre.


New Zealand start with a throw on the left touch line - but almost come a cropper as Brown almost collects an interception after a woeful pass by McCaw! He'd have had an unopposed run in their - instead, it's a knock on and a scrum to New Zealand.


New Zealand began to show their class right there - England were struggling to contain them.


The All Blacks try to build through the centre of the pitch and get to nine phases before Jane is caught offside while trying to get on the end of a high kick out towards the touch line. Penalty to England, but it was close.


New Zealand have an attacking platform thanks to a slid kick by Carter into touch for the throw-in.


Tuilagi tries his battering-ram approach to break the NZ line, but it's not going to work against this team... At the breakdown Ben Youngs comes in from the side to concede a silly penalty and the foot is off the pedal.


Farrell misses touch with the penalty - big mistake, but the All Blacks kick it back at their hosts. Farrell returns it with interest, then Jane slices it out while outside the 22m - England throw in in a greta position. England off to a very solid start so far, but it's very early days.


Speculative kick into the 22m collected by Mike Brown, and he does brilliantly to beat Cory Jane and make a good 20m - England earn a penalty just before half-way.


England regain the ball as the All Blacks kick again, and a rolling maul earns them some ground - but the ref rules the ball's not coming out and it's an All Black scrum.


All Blacks regain the ball but England force Nonu's clearance kick out only at the 22m - but there's an offside, and the pressure is off.


Great work by England! They win the line out and speed it ou with a long one, quick ball across the pitch and they gather Farrell's kick forward onto the 22m.


Nice run from Joe Launchbury to get England just over the half-way line, but England give the ball away with a weak speculative kick into the 22 by Barritt, returned with interest by Dagg.


We're under way at Twickenham, and a clean ake of the ball is a good start for the hosts.


The teams line up, and New Zealand will take the kick-off


The All Blacks line up to do the Haka, with England lining up 30 or so yards from them - and the crowd drowing out the noise with a booming rendition of Swing Low, Sweet Chariot...!


New Zealand: 15 Israel Dagg, 14 Cory Jane, 13 Conrad Smith, 12 Ma'a Nonu, 11 Julian Savea, 10 Dan Carter, 9 Aaron Smith, 1 Tony Woodcock, 2 Keven Mealamu, 3 Owen Franks, 4 Brodie Retallick, 5 Sam Whitelock, 6 Liam Messam, 7 Richie McCaw (capt), 8 Kieran Read. Replacements: 16 Dane Coles, 17 Wyatt Crockett, 18 Charlie Faumuina, 19 Luke Romano, 20 Victor Vito, 21 Piri Weepu, 22 Aaron Cruden, 23 Ben Smith.


England: 15 Alex Goode, 14 Chris Ashton, 13 Manu Tuilagi, 12 Brad Barritt, 11 Mike Brown, 10 Owen Farrell, 9 Ben Youngs, 1 Alex Corbisiero, 2 Tom Youngs, 3 Dan Cole, 4 Joe Launchbury, 5 Geoff Parling, 6 Tom Wood, 7 Chris Robshaw (capt), 8 Ben Morgan. Replacements: 16 David Paice, 17 David Wilson, 18 Mako Vunipola, 19 Courtney Lawes, 20 James Haskell, 21 Danny Care, 22 Freddie Burns, 23 Jonathan Joseph.


The players are coming out onto the pitch, with the All Blacks led out by Richie McCaw. With Dan Carter in the team as well, this is about as strong an All Black side as you could see.


Despite that, All Blacks coach Steve Hansen is wary facing a team that has come within a whisker of big wins over Australia and South Africa in the last few weeks. Each time a questionable late decision by skipper Chris Robshaw has denied Stuart Lancaster's men a chance of victory: ""We know that the English will lift themselves for their final match of the year, especially following their two recent narrow defeats, and we need to be prepared to match them in all facets," said Hansen.


England have not beaten New Zealand in their last nine attempts - a stat which sounds all the more amazing when you hear that that last win was back in June 2003, when England ground out an unforgettable win in Wellington in a World Cup warm-up match. With a very young and inexperienced side out today, nobody really gives the home side a chance. England are as long as 9-1 with some bookies.


The big selection story today is that Owen Farrell is brought in for England at number 10 - he's been superb under pressure for England in his early international career, and with Toby Flood out injured that earned him the call ahead of Freddie Burns.


The All Blacks come into this match on the back of perhaps the greatest run of form ever seen in the game: they have not been beaten since August 2011. They've picked up 18 wins and a draw (and that latter away against Australia in what was a dead rubber at the end of the Rugby Championship).


Good afternoon and welcome to our LIVE coverage of England's Autumn Internationals clash against the all-conquering New Zealand.