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England - Scotland
Six Nations - 3 February 2013

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Toby Keel

Thanks for joining us - and we'll be back on Sunday with live coverage of France's Six Nations opener against Italy in Rome, with the home side looking to repeat their famous victory of two years ago. See you then!


Farell pops the extras through the posts, and it's a 38-18 victory to the hosts. Some good rugby at times from Scotland, but they were ultimately totally outplayed and outscored by England.


Haskell charges through but is held up - the ball comes out to Danny Care, though, and he dives in under the posts! It's another try to England!


Scotland concede a penalty 40m out - Farrell goes for the corner, and the clock is in the red.


Scotland lose their line-out, and England almost through once more - but Beattie intercepts and is through. Argh! He's spilt it! Scrum to England on the Scotland 20m.


First Lawes, then Haskell come within arms length of scoring another try - but Haskell ends up hanging on while tackled! Penalty to Scotland and they can clear the decks here.


Flood makes a run through the centre and almost makes it through - England keep pushing, and keep getting repelled!


England have the ball on the Scotland 10m line - will they score again?


Courtney Lawes steals the ball through the middle of a Scotland ruck and England almost score as Flood chips through into the area - Gray saves it, touching down for a 22m dropout.


Flood makes a mistake, missing touch with a penalty while getting greedy and aiming for the 22m.


Scotland chip through under pressure as Scotland get pushed back from that throw, and Brown covers back to touch down - Jackson and Laidlaw have been replaced by Pyrgos and Weir at 9 and 10.


England in trouble again! Great long kick by Jackson puts Mike Brown under more pressure than he can handle in his own 22m, and with three Scotland players on him he kills the ball. Laidlaw kicks for the corner - Scotland want another try.


There's no way back for Scotland of course, but nonethless that's a heartening and generally well-deserved try - they haven't deserved to be thrashed today.


Great stuff for Scotland! It's a try for Stuart Hogg! The Scots turn it over just five metres out, and Maitland gets the ball, kicking for Hogg to chase, and the full-back shins it over the line and touches down despite Flood's efforts to chase him down! Amazing stuff and a great consolation.


Scotland run out of trouble via Visser on the left flank, but he runs out of support and England return it with interest.


England have brought on Toby Flood and Courtney Lawes, with Twelvetrees coming off and Farrell moving out to the centre.


Another England penalty follows as Matt Scott takes Brad Barritt so high that he almost misses the top of his head.


Beattie has another go but is stopped again - Scotland keep it and keep the pressure on, but no! Rolland penalises Hamilton for hanging on to the ball in the tackle, and Farrell clears the peanlty to touch.


Scotland win their scrum and Beattie charges for the line - held! Then Kelly Brown takes up the running - also held! The ball doesn't come out but Scotland get the put-in, seven metres out.


Good shove by Scotland as they almost win that one against the head.. and they have! Turnover, great work by the Scotland scrum.


The Scots attempt to drive over the line fails, but Beattie has a go at charging over. He's stopped but it's spun out to Denton - who spills a pass out of touch. Painful for the Scots, and England have a scrum.


Jackson kicks for touch in the corner, and Scotland can restore some pride here....


Superb work by Hogg and Visser as they win the ball and clear the lines, Hogg beating two men to run out of his own try area and Visser almost putting himself through with a long kick collected by Goode. Goode hangs on through - and it's a penalty to Scotland.


The throw is taken cleanly by the Scots and Hogg clears the decks, but it's another England throw inside the Scotland half...


England keep coming, and Joe Marler almost gets in at the corner - but he's pushed out to touch, and Scotland get the throw.


Great chance for England as Ashton breaks up the right and chips through - Brown beats three Scotland shirts to the ball but is held just two metres short.


Youngs is brought off and Danny Care comes on after that try as the late-stage substitutions begin.


20 points the different now, England leading 31-11 - and with nearly 25 minutes left it's hard to see Scotland getting any closer than that.


Absolute lightning work by Youngs made that one, and a terrific pass from Farrell made it a simple matter for Parling to score his first England try. Up steps Farrell for the extras - but he pushes it wide of the right post.


England score another try! It's Geoff Parling, finishing off a move after an amazing break by Ben Youngs. The scrum-half broke the line and split Scotland open, with Farrell spotting a two-man overlap out to the left and flinging it to Parling to run in.


Tom Youngs is pulled off after his foul play - which replays have yet to show - saw that try disallowed. Dylan Hartley comes on to replace him.


It's chalked off! The linesman saw some foul play by hooker Tom Youngs, and he calls the referee over to give Scotland a penalty! Amazing relief after what seemed a try for England...


Mike Brown makes a move and releases Robshaw, who comes within a metre of scoring... then Alex Goode almost makes it through but is held up short of the line... but Joe Launchbury is there on hand to score a try!


England bulldozing the Scots and recycling quickly and cleanly - Farrell almost finds a gap, but has to pass back to Parling, who gets tackled swiftly... pressure still on Scotland though....


Farell's kick gives England a throw on the Scotland 22m, and it feels that more points are inevitable from here for the hosts - everything is going their way at the moment.


Scotland win the ball back from the kick as Visser leaps up to it - but a penalty is turned over as Richie Gray dives in off his feet straight away.


England have a scrum out on the right flank, and the signs are bad for Scotland as it collapses. Rolland resets it and it fails again, Scotland given the free kick.


Scotland hooker Dougie Hall is coming off injured, Ross Ford will take his place.


Desperate times for Scotand, who win a throw on their own 22m as the pressure is back on again.


Replays show just how well Twelvetrees ran in at an angle, with Alex Goode the man at the back of the breakdown feeding him the pass. There were three blue shirts in his way, but no chance of stopping him at full speed from there.


Farrell lines it up from the right, half-way between 5m and 15m... and yet again he absolutely splits the posts. Magnificent kicking.


England keep coming - and the ball comes to Billy Twelvetrees, who launches himself over for a try on his Six debut!


England 5m out, and it's flung out to Barritt... stopped 5m out....


England pushing for gaps, trying all their training ground moves as they earn yards in the Scotland 22m... huge pressure....


We're back in action at Twickenham, and England quickly win a lineout just outside Scotland's 22m.


England are good value for their lead, despite Scotland showing some superb flashes of skill. The visitors have only their sloppiness in giving away needless penalties to blame for being on the back foot, but England will feel they have plenty more in the tank.


Laidlaw's kick is a formality, and proves to be the last touch of the opening half. England lead Scotland 19-11 at half-time.


Great move by Beattie charging through the middle after the restart - he finds Hogg to keep it going, and when Tom Wood piles in over the top of a ruck from the breakdown Scotland have a chance to pull three points back from 25m and dead in front.


It feels like Scotland really need a score to get back into this match - as it stands it feels like they could slip out to be on the wrong end of a drubbing...


Farrell doesn't miss those: it's 5 out of 5 for the England fly-half, and England lead by 11 points.


High tackle by Beattie - an innocuous one - but it gives Farrell yet another shot on goal, 38m out and dead in front.


An exchange of kicks ends with Hogg clearing just to the half-way line from his own area - England will regain the momentum.


Hodd makes a nice clearing kick, but Parling takes the throw-in well and Youngs clears nicely.


Ben Youngs very nearly releases Launchbury through the Scotland line, but the forward simply drops the ball and the Scots breathe again.


The Scots almost steal the ball from the restart, but it's spilt by Jim Hamilton and England have the put-in... which quickly becomes a penalty for boring in.


The TV replay confirms what was never in doubt, and Farrell has a chance from the 15m line to put England 16-8 ahead... and it's there! The hosts well in charge at Twickenham, despite Scotland playing some good stuff.


Launchbury almost makes the line - he's just 2m short - but England recycle quickly and Chris Ashton dives over the line despite Jackson and Hogg trying to pull him down!


Twelvetrees almost breaks through, then Ashton... Scotland hold firm, England keep up the pressure....


Gray takes the linout ball cleanly but Laidlaw misses it and in the ensuing mess Jackson sees his kick charged down. England push forward quickly, Robshaw charging almost to the 22m.


Scotland win the scrum Laidlaw breaks out of his own 22m, and in a flash the Scots have charged half-way up the pitch, kicked deep to put Brown under pressure, and won a throw on England's 10m line.


Scotland don't make anything of the penalty and England come forward again, quickly winning a scrum on the 22m. Yet another attacking chance for the home side.


No! The penalty has gone against Barritt for not releasing - hard to see how he could with a Scottish front rower sitting on his chest.


Barritt finds a gap and almost breaks the line, coming deep into the 22m before he's hauled down - and Hall is penalised for not letting him roll away. Another penalty to England, once again deep in the 22m...


Barritt gets the ball out on the left flank to get the crowd cheering, but Scotland close him down quickly - England keep it and are still probing for a gap...


England don't try anything with that throw in just inside their own half, kicking deep and Hogg collects to return with interest.


Scotland try a long throw and Denton almost gets it under the posts to score - but he's stopped short, and ends up hanging on to give away a penalty to relieve the pressure. Good signs for Scotland so far, though.


England trying to hang on and recycle it to build pressure - but there's a mistake, Hall pinches it and delivers to Visser who kicks deep and chases his own kick down to force a Scotland throw deep in England's 22m.


No mistake there from Laidlaw, and it's 9-8 to England.


Shocking from England's Tom Youngs, who comes straight over the top at a ruck under the referee's nose. Laidlaw is gifted a chance from the 22m at the junction of the 15m.


It's a simple one for Farrell, and he bangs it straight through the middle. 9-5.


Shocking pass by Denton, flinging a long pass straight over Jackson's head and giving the ball away, with Engalnd getting a penalty as Lamont is forced to kill the ball while covering back. Farrell will have a chance from 28m, dead in front.


After a coupel of resets Beattie emerges with the ball at the back of the Scotland pack, and the blues shirtds are trying to keep it thourhg the centre.


England spill the ball from the restart and Scotland have a scrum on their hosts 10m line.


Farrell knocks it straight through the posts, and England lead 6-3. Almost seems unfair on the Scots that their brilliant early try wasn't enough to put them ahead for more than a few minutes.


England push forward from the restart and pressure Scotland into giving away a silly penalty just outside the 22m - this will be simple stuff for Farrell.


Laidlaw's kick from the right touchline drifts well off to the right - my mistake earlier, it was Hogg rather than Laidlaw whose break made that try.


Magnificent try for Scotland! Absolutely superb stuff as they recycle the breaekdown brilliantly, and Sean Maitland is on hand to score a try barely 10 minutes into his first match for Scotland!


Greig Laidlaw clears up to the Englnad 22m, it's kicked straight back at Hogg - and he goes on a blistering run up the right! He doesn't quite make it, but England have been opened up!


England win the throw and push forward again, spinning it out to Mike Brown on the left flank who earns a cheer by beating one man before getting pulled down.


Scotland win it cleanly and try to run it out of their own 22m - risky stuff given England's bright start, but eventually Jackson crunches it wonderfully into touch. That's from almost off the pitch to the 10m line.


The scrum is reset a couple of times - typical Rolland refereeing...


The move comes to an end as Chris Ashton drops a pass almost on the touchline while under pressure - try to the Scots, and they badly need to clear the decks to relieve some pressure.


Ben Morgan picks up the ball and storms into the Scotland area, breaking three tackles and getting to within 5m before he gets stopped - Scotland being pummelled already....


Farrell kicks the free kick but Englnad chase and regain it - excellent move ends with Mike Brown on the left flank getting hauled down, but England still come...


Poor knock-on by Joe Marler gives Scotland a scrum, but they push too soon and it's a free kcik to England.


Farrell lines it up from just inside the 15m, and cuts it fine: the ball slips just the correct side of the right post, and England are 3-0 up.


England quickly push up into the Scotland half but the Scots turn it over - yet only thanks to a hand in the ruck from Euan Murray. It's a kick, just off to the righ, 30m out.


Owen Farrell kicks off, and the match is under way at Twickenham.


Ireland's Alain Rolland is referee today.


Going back to that 1983 stat for a second: not a single one of the England squad was even alive when that defeat happened. The oldest man in the present England squad, 30-year-old Tim Johnson, was born a few months after it happened...


The teams come out onto the pitch amidst plenty of noise and fireworks, with England wearing their odd purple tracksuits for the national anthems.


Last time Scotland beat England at Twickenham was 1983! Thirty years of hurt - and with England outstanding as they beat New Zealand at the end of last year, it doesn't seem like the time for the Scots to turn that around.


It's a dry, sunny and chilly afternoon in South West London for this clash, but after the fireworks in the earlier match between Wales and Ireland the Six Nations already feels nicely warmed up.


Welcome to our LIVE coverage of England's Six Nations clash against Scotland at Twickenham.