Myles humbled by major Origin award

Myles humbled by major Origin award
By Eurosport

05/07/2012 at 10:17Updated 05/07/2012 at 10:18

They've been accused of being smug but battered Queensland forward Nate Myles could not have been more humble after carrying off the Wally Lewis medal as player of the State of Origin series.

Up until this year's series, which was decided by one point with Queensland winning game three 21-20 at a packed Suncorp Stadium on Wednesday night, the prized Gold Coast recruit had no picked up a major award.

But after his maiden man-of-the-match award in Melbourne in game one and an inspirational performance in the heart-stopping decider, he now has one of the sought-after Origin medals.

Myles, though, struggled to accept the honour in a victorious Queensland dressing room with his face showing the scars of another brutal Origin battle in which he made 32 stinging tackles and 119 painful metres.

"I'm lucky mate. The game could have swung the other way if Coops (Cronks) hadn't hit that magnificent field goal," said Myles.

"I'm lucky to be sitting on the bus getting driven by some of the greatest players in the game.

"I'm just happy to be there."

Visiting the unveiling of Queensland legend Arthur Beetson's bronze statue at Suncorp Stadium on Tuesday had stirred the Queenslander's emotions.

"We didn't need any extra motivation for tonight, it was do or die for us and everyone knew that," he said.

"To be at Artie's statue unveiling was terrific.

"We always want to remember people who have been so influential in something we are part of."

Myles said nobody could ever say one state wanted the Origin trophy more than the other.

"This year's series has put that to rest, you all saw that out there," added Myles.