Get active around Paddington this summer

Get active around Paddington this summer
By Eurosport

19/07/2012 at 00:18Updated 19/07/2012 at 01:25

Make the most of Paddington during the Olympics, by walking to and from the station for events or by adjusting your commute to take in some of the surrounding areas and landmarks.

As part of Transport for London’s drive to raise awareness of the main London travel hubs during the busy summer months, commuters and Olympic games attendees are being encouraged to walk to, from and around Paddington station.

As TFL themselves have stated in the build-up to the Games, as well as being healthier, ‘Walking may be quicker, so why not walk some of or your entire journey? By avoiding busy stations, your journey could be quicker and easier. Walking will also be a great way to soak up the Games atmosphere and experience what is happening in and around the city. For more information and for factsheets on walking from all London's major train stations visit Get Ahead of the Games.

So if you’re commuting via Paddington you will notice additional passengers using the station throughout the Games from 27th July to 14th August and in particular when key events are taking place nearby. You can therefore plan your journey around those events and perhaps build a walk into your journey.

Lord’s Cricket Ground, where the Olympic Archery will take place from 27th July to 3rd August, is just a 15 minute walk from the station along Edgware Road and St John’s Wood Road. Plan your journey here.

Meanwhile Hyde Park is literally just five minutes’ walk from Paddington and will be the venue for several events including the Triathlon (4th and 7th August) and Marathon swimming (9th-10th August). There will also be a Live Site at Hyde Park where fans can watch all the live action for free on big screens throughout the games.

A 45 minute walk away is The Mall, which is to host the start and finish of numerous road events, including the Cycling Road Race (Men’s 28th July, Women’s 29th July), the Marathon (Men’s 12th August, Women’s 5th August), the Men’s 50km Race Walk and the Women’s 20km Race Walk (both 11th August).

TFL have also provided a useful guide to walking from Paddington to other main stations and landmarks in central London, including average walking times and number of calories which would be burned on a medium paced walk over the distance, such as Baker Street (17 minutes’ walk, 83 calories), Lancaster Gate (7 mins, 34 cal) Marble Arch (16 mins, 77 cal) Marylebone (14 mins, 65 cal) and Regent’s Park York Gate (23 mins, 108 cal).