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Cricket in line to be included at 2028 Olympics

Cricket in line to be included at 2028 Olympics

14/08/2019 at 00:50Updated 14/08/2019 at 00:51

Cricket is in line to be included at the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles, MCC World Cricket Committee chairman Mike Gatting has said.

Following an address by ICC chief executive Manu Sawhney last week, Gatting says that he told the MCC's Cricket Committee strong progress had been made to ensure the game is given the global platform.

"We were talking with Manu Sawhney the ICC chief exec, and he was very hopeful we can get cricket into the 2028 Olympics," Gatting said.

"That's what they're working towards at the moment and that would be a huge bonus for cricket worldwide, it would be fantastic.

"It's two weeks, that's a good thing about it, it's not a month, so it's one of those [events] where scheduling for two weeks should be fine once every four years once you do the first one.

" You're going to have - one hopes - a four-year period, once you know you've been accepted into the Olympics, that gives you a chance to actually shape your two weeks, so it's not as if it is butted into the schedule."

"I think the next 18 months will be very interesting as to how we do that. One of the problems has been negated, where the BCCI is now working with NADA, the drugs agency, which it wasn't previously a part of.

"That will help a long way towards the sport being whole, which is what we need it to be to apply for the Olympics, both men and women to play and all countries to comply."