Bottled London atmosphere on sale on eBay

Bottled London atmosphere on sale on eBay
By Eurosport

10/08/2012 at 21:14Updated 10/08/2012 at 22:18

Capture your piece of Olympic history with a bottle of ‘atmosphere’ from one of the many special London 2012 occasions! (If you're crazy that is)....

Such have been the tremendous success stories throughout the London 2012 Games fans are desperate to grab their piece of Olympic history with some even going to the lengths of buying bottled ‘Olympic atmosphere’ on eBay.

Never slow to spot a gap in the market, British entrepreneurs are bottling up the euphoric atmosphere at key events to sell on to those who were unable to get tickets to attend person.

With Team GB securing a record medal haul for the modern era and with the Opening Ceremony recognised as an undisputed success story, jars of ‘atmosphere’ from the Olympic Stadium and additional venues have found their way onto auction site according to The Daily Mail.

Obviously the products up for sale are simply bottles of thin air, but that has not deterred certain enthusiastic buyers and sellers.

An eBay listing created by seller 'Iomste' was discovered under the title 'London 2012 Olympics Bottled atmosphere', with a starting bid of £50 and a Buy it now cost of £100.

'This bottle (originally had water in it) was with me at the opening ceremony for the London 2012 Olympics. Experience the 'Greatest show in the world' atmosphere,' read the cheeky description below.

Thus far there have been no bids for the item, but the Mail did find a case of a separate similar item - a 'jar of atmosphere' from the Eton Dorney rowing lake where Team GB captured their first London 2012 gold medal - selling for £5.

Elsewhere on eBay numerous items of London 2012 memorabilia have been snapped up by Olympics-mad punters, including replica kit, used ticket stubs, pin badges, official programs, mascots and stamps.

Replica kit is re-selling fast after certain items including Team GB running vests sold out, as Yahoo! reported yesterday.