Pirelli goes softer with Malaysian GP tyres

Pirelli goes softer with Malaysian GP tyres
By AutoSport

15/06/2017 at 20:51

Pirelli has announced its Formula 1 tyre compound choices for the Malaysian Grand Prix, with the 2017 selections a step softer than before.

F1's control tyre supplier has ditched the hard and will instead bring the super-soft, soft and medium to Sepang, matching the choice made for China, Bahrain, Azerbaijan, Great Britain and Hungary.

It comes after Pirelli decided against the hard tyre as an option for the British Grand Prix, following concerns about its effectiveness with the 2017 F1 cars.

The hardest of Pirelli's options for 2017 has proved to be too hard to be of competitive use, with Sergio Perez saying in Spain that the compound was only good enough "for pictures".

Following consultation with the drivers, Pirelli is looking at making its tyres softer for 2018.

For Malaysia, Pirelli says one set of the soft or medium must be used at some stage during the 56-lap race.

It has nominated one set of the super-soft tyre to be used in the final part of qualifying.

Teams are free to choose the remaining 10 sets, making up 13 in total for the race weekend.