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Managers: Liverpool revenge not for Clarke

Managers: Liverpool revenge not for Clarke
By Eurosport

19/08/2012 at 05:09Updated 20/08/2012 at 16:08

Reaction from Saturday's Premier League games, with West Brom manager Steve Clarke insisting he holds no grudge against Liverpool after his new club beat them 3-0.

West Bromwich Albion 3-0 Liverpool

Steve Clarke: "The manner of departure from Liverpool is not an issue. That's what happens in football these days. It doesn't give me any extra satisfaction winning this game. If I was sitting here and we had played someone else and won, I would be just as happy. I've got no axe to grind with Liverpool. I think I've been in the game long enough to know you enjoy these moments but you know there are different Saturdays to come. But the performance today showed these players are comfortable in the Premier League.

Brendan Rodgers: "I've no complaints about the first goal, a fantastic strike from Gera, showing wonderful technique. But in the second half, although I'm not going to go on about the referee, I thought the two penalty decisions were very harsh. I don't think either was a penalty and Martin Skrtel doesn't even connect for the second one. With the first one, Long's pace has got him there. There is slight contact but I know Long well, how big and strong he is, and it was very harsh. With 10 men and then chasing the game, it becomes difficult."

Queens Park Rangers 0-5 Swansea City

Mark Hughes: "I think it is a collective thing today. We just need to be better collectively as a team. It was difficult. It was a really warm day and the worst thing you want to do is concede and then have to chase games and try and affect them. It was difficult for the guys, but from my point of view I certainly expected a much more accomplished performance than was delivered. We'll come together this week and next week we will be fundamentally better."

Michael Laudrup: "That was impressive. Winning the first game in my debut - and also the team's first in their second season in the Premier - away and 5-0. I don't think anyone could've dreamed about that. Of course, the most important thing is the team and I am very happy for the players. Last season I think it took until January to win the first away game and it is very important that you know you can win an away game as it gives you a lot of confidence for the rest of the season. If you know or think you will always lose or maybe only draw, you have to win all your home games."

Fulham 5-0 Norwich City

Martin Jol: "We did well. We let the ball do the work and we were very good to watch. I don't want to hear the fans were chanting against [Clint Dempsey] because he was a terrific player for us. He was the most productive midfield player in the whole league last season. Hopefully he will play for us again. There is one season to go (on his contract) and no one has come in for him."

Chris Hughton: "It was an awful day for us. That's not how you want your first game of the season to go. Four of the goals were avoidable. In pre-season we have looked very solid in defence. I had no inkling this would happen. The players are hurting. This won't be the only defeat that we will have and it won't be the only defeat that we will have by a few goals, but the players will want to react well. They know this wasn't acceptable today and they want to make amends."

Newcastle United 2-1 Tottenham Hotspur

Alan Pardew: "[Shoving the linesman] was ridiculous, I apologise publicly. I thought the ball was out, I shoved him. I have pleaded with my players to behave and follow the Olympic spirit. I can only apologise, I've been to see him and told him I didn't know what I was thinking."

Andre Villas-Boas: "We deserved more, played well, had the chances in the first half and pushed in the second. We deserved something extra for the effort we did and the game we played. We showed why we did so well last season and deserved more."

West Ham United 1-0 Aston Villa

Sam Allardyce: "Kevin Nolan is like David Platt because he ghosts into the box without anyone knowing how he got there. We might have won by more. It was a good performance with a clean sheet. It was a very good decision by the referee because the ball clearly came off the Villa player (when it was flicked on to Vaz Te) but refs don't always question their linesmen. We should have had a penalty when Carlton Cole was shoved to the ground."

Paul Lambert: "I wasn't sure at the time but I saw a tape afterwards and it came off one of our lads so I can't fault the ref. We started well but it's all very well having lots of ball but not if you don't score. We need to be able to service Darren Bent. Losing Gaby (Agbonlahor) was a big blow to us before this game. You've got about three and a half milliseconds to hit the ground running in the Premiership."

Reading 1-1 Stoke City

Brian McDermott: "It's a strange thing to say but, psychologically, it's important that we got that result today. We know we can compete. We've done that today - there's no doubt about that. We'd have been disappointed to have lost the game over the 90 minutes. Those who have seen Reading play over the last three years know that they keep going. We have scored a few late goals in our time."

Tony Pulis: "I really think [Michael Kightly] will be a great acquisition for us. He had a great game, even though he tired a little bit right at the end of the game which is why we decided to take him off. He has the ability to score goals, as he showed today. He comes in off the line and looks for pockets inside the danger zone. He is always on the move and I am so pleased he scored today. We had wide players who didn’t really score last season but Kights has come in and put pressure on them from the word go which is what we want."

Arsenal 0-0 Sunderland

Arsene Wenger: "We played with a good spirit, were serious and we put the effort in, but we lack sharpness and fluency at the moment to be dangerous in the final third. The few chances we had, we could not convert them. Sunderland defended very well for the whole game, and we lacked something - sharpness, also quality and accuracy in the final pass. The formula didn't work with three strikers up front and we were not well balanced, we did not create enough because they blocked our midfield."

Martin O'Neill: "We were very tired from about 65 minutes onwards, but that game will bring us on immensely. We have not been able to get our squad up to strength and I knew coming here was going to be difficult. We ran out of energy towards the end and we hanging on, but at least we are off the mark."