Managers: Coyle accepts blame

Managers: Coyle accepts blame
By PA Sport

18/12/2011 at 09:44Updated 18/12/2011 at 20:23

Managerial reaction from Saturday's Premier League matches, with Bolton boss Owen Coyle shouldering the blame for the bottom side's 2-0 loss at Fulham.

Fulham 2-0 Bolton

    Martin Jol: "We have had many good performances but the most important thing for us is the points. After the disappointment of Wednesday it is always different to play against teams like Bolton and to get the points. In the first half, I thought we did well, especially when we linked up with Mousa Dembele, Clint and Bryan Ruiz and slide balls into Andy Johnson.That was a nice balance."

    Owen Coyle: "My chairman and owner understand me. They know exactly what I am doing at the football club and how we want proceed in the long term. But equally I accept everything I put in for the longevity and future of the club has to be backed up by results in the Barclays Premier League. And if we stay up, which I believe we will, Bolton Wanderers will be set the best they have been for years and going well as a business and everything else. But we have to accept we are in a dogfight in a dangerous area of the league and we have to address that. The only way of doing that is by winning games. As a manager, I accept total responsibility for the games. I can understand people being disappointed and frustrated because I certainly am. Everybody is entitled to their opinion in football. I have no problem with that unless people get personal."

    Blackburn 1-2 West Brom

    Steve Kean: "It's nice to hear support from people, but I'm not here just to get support - I need to get points. I'm under no illusions that my job is based on us being in a much better position than where we are now. But I'll make sure I prepare the team right and that we show some courage, get on the ball and get some points in the coming games."

    Roy Hodgson: "He is showing a lot of dignity. I always stand behind managers in these situations. I think it is too easy to try and put all the ills of a football club's playing staff down to one man. It is often a lot more complicated than that. It is not my business what Blackburn Rovers do, but if Steve does lose his job, I will feel very sorry for him."

    Newcastle 0-0 Swansea

    Alan Pardew: "I really can't complain too much about my side. We stopped them playing, which was the aim, to put them under pressure and force errors, which we did. The first half was our better half, for sure. We got in behind and we created chances, we put balls into the box. But they haven't got seven clean sheets for nothing. There is a good spirit in the Swansea team and although they didn't keep possession like they would have liked, they defended very, very well and the goalie looked strong. Everything we tried to do, they seemed to have an answer. But having said that, with a little break here and there, we would have got the goal and I think we would have won this game. But overall, I'm actually not that disappointed. I thought we played well."

    Brendan Rogers: "It was a fantastic performance from us. It was always going to be a very difficult game coming here. Newcastle have had a terrific start to their season and with over 50,000 passionate Geordies, it's always a difficult place to come. But the players showed wonderful resilience today to get our eighth clean sheet in 16 games."

    Wolves 1-2 Stoke City

    Mick McCarthy: "I don't think Stoke should have had 11 men on the pitch. I've asked the referee why Woodgate wasn't booked again but he said it is between me and him. Tony Pulis was wise to it and took him off. I also think Roger Johnson got the ball when a free-kick was awarded against him and then a deflected goal changes the course of the game. I'm pleased with our performance. I thought we played well. I thought we were excellent. I'm not coming here to criticise my lads. I thought they were great. They defended all the free-kicks and corners and were a real threat. I don't think the game is going anywhere until that free-kick."

    Tony Pulis: "Jonathan played really well against Tottenham. His first challenge today was a poor challenge (for the booking) and that puts you on edge straight away. We had a bit of good fortune there. If he had sent him off, we probably couldn't have argued about it. But when I took him off he said 'that's a great decision, gaffer' and that's from someone who has played for Real Madrid and is very much part of what we want to do at this club."

    Everton 1-1 Norwich

    David Moyes: "I thought we had played well. We didn't score but for 25 minutes we played well and our worst period was after they scored in the 15 minutes up to half-time because it took the wind out of our sails. I don't think we were getting battered but it was a really poor goal we lost and it presented another mountain to climb. For a long time it didn't look like we could get a point out of the game but thankfully we got a point - but we deserved three. The boys played well but didn't have the bit at the top end to get us a goal. Someone keeps telling me in the last couple of games we've had no shots on goal but today I think we had 15 and they had one. We have done that quite a lot this season but the minute we don't get any shots on target everyone jumps on it. We have been playing okay but not getting the goals, which obviously makes the difference."

    Paul Lambert: "This is a really hard place to come and we battled really strongly and defended really strongly when we had to but also looked a threat. They came rolling right at us and you weather the storm, that is what you have to do and that is what we did at Anfield. Any point away from home is good."

    Wigan 1-1 Chelsea

    Roberto Martinez: "When you're playing against a team like Chelsea you know you need to be perfect in what you do. We were outstanding. We defended with a real tactical knowledge from the players, real awareness and great concentration. I feel we frustrated Chelsea for the majority of the game and it was really tough to concede the goal we conceded - the first shot Chelsea had - and probably at the moment we were a little bit distracted by Frank Lampard being off the pitch. But we reacted in the right manner, we kept creating chances, and then you look at the stats. If you end the game with more corners and more attempts on target against a team like Chelsea, it's because you performed really well. I'm pleased but if you ask me tomorrow, maybe I'll be disappointed because I feel we dropped two points. Probably two or three big decisions did not go in our favour, but you expect Chelsea to have those moments. You need to be lucky to get a result against a team like Chelsea, and I don't think we were lucky at all."

    Andre Villas-Boas: "They were two completely different halves. The first 20 minutes of the second half we were good and it was a question of patience until we found the goal. We could maybe have tried to go for the second goal but we decided to try to hold onto the first and exploit the space in behind. But we conceded two minutes from the end. That is disappointing and prevented us from getting the three points that we had expected. It's a pity but the players fought hard and I think confidence is not affected."