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David de Gea: Isco will become one of the greatest

De Gea: Isco will become one of the greatest

05/09/2017 at 21:06Updated 05/09/2017 at 22:44

Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea has tipped Real Madrid forward Isco to become one of the greatest players ever.

The Spanish goalkeeper told the press after a 3-0 win over Italy that he was unsurprised by his team-mate's contribution of two goals.

"Personally I have known Isco for ages so it's no surprise for me what he's doing," said De Gea.

"I have seen him doing incredible things for so long now so people shouldn't be surprised either.

"He's been performing at a high level and doing incredible things on the pitch for a while. He's at a top level and that's great for the team. We hope he keeps improving.

" Bearing in mind his personality, he'll become one of the greatest."

Sergio Busquets, a Barcelona rival but Spanish team-mate, was invited to make a comparison between Andres Iniesta and Isco.

Busquets replied: "Personally I do not like comparing players. No doubt they both are top-quality players but each one of them has their ways of interpreting football and also of playing, even though they might be similar.

"Isco has been showing in recent years his talent. He scored two goals [against Italy] and was outstanding.

"His role is getting more predominant within his team but we already knew what he was capable of. For us, having players like Isco or Andres that are able to use their skills and capabilities at the service of the team is a real pleasure."

Isco signed a new Real Madrid contract in August, with a €700 million release clause.