Mourinho: Just call me the 'Only One'

Mourinho: Just call me the 'Only One'
By Eurosport

14/08/2012 at 21:14Updated 15/08/2012 at 00:02

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho insists he is now the "Only One" rather than the "Special One" because of his astonishing haul of trophies in Portugal, England, Italy and Spain.

Mourinho titled himself a "Special One" when he left Porto to take over at Chelsea in 2004 after winning two Portuguese titles, the Champions League and the UEFA Cup during his tenure in Oporto.

He has lived up to the billing by progressing two Premier League titles at Chelsea, two Serie A titles and the Champions League with Inter Milan and the Spanish La Liga with Real Madrid.

He has never failed to pick up a trophy in a calendar year during his time as a manager.

"In England, I was presented as the 'Special One'," said Mourinho.

"Thanks to God, things have gone well and, whether you like it or not, I am the only one who has won the English, Italian and Spanish championships. So, more than the 'Special One', they must begin to call me the 'Only One'."

"After having won practically everything, as time has passed I have become less self-centred and egocentric," he said. "I have always liked more the joy of other people, those around me. For this, winning with Inter gave me a special pleasure. These are challenges, not personal goals. I also think I could have been a good human resources executive."

Mourinho also claimed that no other side in the world could compete with Real Madrid or Barcelona over a season.

"It is a consequence of the footballing power of the two clubs," he said. "The best team from England, or Germany, Holland, or from any other country, the most they could do in Spain would be third place.

"This duel of titans forces the clubs and the players to become better. It is a healthy duel and I enjoy it. The two clubs are fighting for world football hegemony."