Kewell staying patient in hunt for club

Kewell staying patient in hunt for club
By Eurosport

21/07/2012 at 14:21Updated 21/07/2012 at 14:23

Socceroos star Harry Kewell says he needs to be patient in his search for a new club after quitting Melbourne Victory to return to England.

Kewell, 33, has been on the hunt for a new club since moving back to the UK last month with his wife Sheree Murphy, whose mother is ill.

Despite some "positive feedback" and talks, Kewell says he's still looking and is open to suggestions for the next phase of his playing career.

Kewell has been linked with clubs including Blackburn, Middlesbrough and, more recently, third-tier Swindon Town.

"I've got some positive feedback but, the way it stands, I've got to be patient," Kewell said after dropping in to visit the Australian Olympic swimming team's training session in Manchester on Friday.

"At the moment, things are - we are talking. And we just have to sort out a few things but I'm open to a lot of suggestions at the moment."

The former Liverpool and Leeds winger said he was confident he still had plenty to offer a top-level club.

"Everyone is in pre-season now and you do want to be part of that," Kewell said.

"My fitness is fine. I think I proved that last time I was with the Australian team and Holger (Osieck) actually turned around and said he was impressed with it."

Kewell clearly isn't considering retirement.

"Everyone has asked me, 'what are you doing' and all this and that and the thing is, when does an athlete ever realise it's time to pack it in?

"If they truly love a sport, they will keep going until, I don't know, they are 50 I suppose.

"I still feel confident. I still feel I've got another two or three years at a very high level and we just have to wait and see."

Kewell said he was missing Melbourne and he looked back fondly at his one-year stint with the Victory.

"Everywhere I have gone and played, I have had fans that have appreciated me and I really appreciate that, and they (Victory fans) made me feel really at home," said Kewell, who is being driven by a desire to feature at a third World Cup for the Socceroos.