The CSI 4* of Milan cancelled due to a lack of funding

The CSI 4* of Milan cancelled due to a lack of funding

15/09/2017 at 00:01

ClassHorseTV, in charge of the organization of this weekend CSI 4* in Milan, has announced on Tuesday the cancellation of the event. Luca Panerai, CEO of ClassHorseTV, reveals that the cancellation is due to the incapacity of Oleksandr Onyshchenko, main partner, to honour his contractual dutie.

One of the most long-awaited event of this year, the CSI 4* of Milan, who was supposed to host the second let of the newly launched JumpingClash. The first leg took place in Antwerp, Belgium, in April, crowning there Patrice Delaveau as the firs Jumping Clash champion.

Unfortunately, the Italian city will not see the competition running this weekend. On the press release issued this week, Luca Paneria, CEI of ClassHorseTv, organizer, said: “M. Onyshchenko, in charge of various political conflicts in his home country, expressed his desire to support and promote our even, in order to restore his image. However, M. Onyshchenko, without giving any significant explanation, has not respected his duty of at least one-million-euro funding. The contract established a first payment of 250 000 euros that has to be paid seven days after the opening of the company, last July. After the deadline, only 100 000 euros have been transferred.” He then added, “We have to notice, once again, that the entire responsibility of the cancellation falls to Mr. Onyshchenko and his decision not to respect his commitment. He now needs to handle the consequences.”

Apparently, the Ukrainian magnate, accused of corruption on his home soil, did not respect his engagement towards the CSI 4* of Milan. It seems weird that this happened because of financial problems as yesterday the international press revealed that Mr Onyshchelnko just bought the Dutch superstar, Teavanta II C, ridden by Ruben Romp this year in the Falsterbo and Hickstead Nations Cup or again at the European Championships in Goteborg.

The JumpingClash, a new formula more attractive to the media

The JumpingClash is a new circuit whose goal is to attract the interest of the international media to the equestrian sports and consolidate it. The aim is to change the competition into a great show, easy to understand and follow for new international fans and with new attractive spaces and contents for sponsors and partners.

In this show, the audience will be able to experience a new “head to head” format, a direct competition between world’s best riders as a tennis game for instance.

The competition’s format will allow designing an innovative broadcasting program, full of action and thrill.

Hopefully, this circuit will find soon a new venue where to take place and help the development of our beloved sport.