Reade eager to avenge Olympic crash

Reade eager to avenge Olympic crash
By Eurosport

07/08/2012 at 21:21Updated 07/08/2012 at 21:24

Great Britain BMX rider Shanaze Reade is pledging to learn from her past mistakes as she prepares for a shot at London 2012 success.

A dramatic crash on the final corner in Beijing four years ago cost Reade a shot at an Olympic medal and she is striving to right those wrongs this time around.

Reade was the firm favourite for gold in China due to her position as reigning world champion but as the finish line approached she opted to go for broke in a mad dash and came a cropper.

This time around Reade does not hold the rainbow jersey as the defending world champion – that honour goes to France’s Magalie Pottier – but she says she her experiences will help her chase success.

“What happened in Beijing is going to be in my mind but I think that is a good thing,” said the four-time BMX world champion who won silver in the time trial at the worlds this year.

“Sometimes your biggest mistakes or downfalls or your biggest losses are your biggest motivators and it’s the same with me. It’s going to be there, it’s there at every big competition but I use it to my advantage.

“I have learnt why it happened, what I could have done differently and I have been working on it in training.”

Reade says she is in the best possible position to claim gold at the Olympic Velopark despite revealing she believes Australian and French riders will pose a problem.

“I think my preparations have been good. Getting the silver in the time trial in Birmingham was big for me,” she added.

“In terms of my preparation, everything has gone on track, I won the test event and won the worlds in 2010.

“In an ideal world you would to enter and win everything but sometimes the human body doesn’t allow that.”