18/05/19 - 7:25 PM
Tortoreto Lido - Pesaro
Giro d'Italia • Stage8

Tortoreto Lido - Pesaro
Giro d'Italia - 18 May 2019

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That's that for today's live feed. Thanks for joining me. I'll be back again for the 2nd time trial of this year's race tomorrow. Hope you can join me. Until then, I'm Tim Bonville-Ginn, have a lovely evening.


The GC top 10 is unchanged. A long day but a relatively safe one after all that warning about the dangerous finish. Lets get set up for the ITT tomorrow!


Here is the top 10 on the stage.


That will mean a lot to Ewan.


Caleb Ewan - 1st

Elia Viviani - 2nd

Pascal Ackermann - 3rd

I'm happy, because Ewan was my pick!




The lead out is set up now as we sprint for the final corner! Here we come, the sprint opens up!


Flamme Rouge! The 90 degree turns coming up. Formolo on the front. Rojas is tucked in as Deceuninck take it up. Final 700m now


They come off the descent. Bora come to the front again. Deceuninck moves Viviani up to Demare's wheel. Nizzolo and Belletti are near the front too.


Senechal and Jungels are leading us down, keeping it all safe. Ackermann is 4th wheel, Ewan follows his with Nizzolo. Viviani is a few wheels back. Demare is moving back up too.


the break are going to be caught. Ciccone attacks again! Vervaeke and Bidard pull him back but the peloton come back to them, Jumbo Visma have Roglic up in 2nd wheel for this final tricky descent. Viviani is being moved up.


Bidard attacks! Ciccone can hold but Vervaeke can't. We now have a duo up front, I can't see them holding on but you really never know. Vervaeke hasn't given up. 21" gap.


Apologies for lack of caps on names in the last post. The trio up front are losing time again, Bora and Lotto have full control, Ewan and Ackermann are looking so cool, calm and collected. 20" gap.


ewan and Ackermann are right up at the front of the peoton, no sign of viviani near the front as of yet. 29" gap!


Lotto Soudal have started riding hard as they can see the stage going away from them again! 30" gap.


It is raining again!! This could make it very dangerous. Bora, Groupama and Lotto are bringing the gap down to 32" but is it going to be enough? The rain is properly coming down.


Jumbo Visma move up for the first time today. Demare, Ackermann and Ewan are all near the front, viviani is not. 46" gap to the leaders up the road! This is becoming dangerous for the sprinters as Groupama takes it up. The time gap is still going out!


Ciccone took the maximum points. It is drying out at the finish. Vervaeke going very wide on that corner in the descent. Mareczko dropped. Bidard is the AG2R rider with Vervaeke and Ciccone. 14" gap.


The pace is very high. This climb peaks at 11%, Miotchelton Scott are putting the pressurew on here... We have an attack from Vervaeke with Ciccone chasing! This could be the blue jersey front runners now. AG2R rider bridging over too.


Ciccone and frapporti have been caught. Bora, Lotto Soudal, Mitchelton and Groupama lead the way. No sign of Ciccone as we hit the final KOM climb of the day. Conti moves up to the front too. Sunweb, Deceuninck and Dimension Data moving up too.


It is Moschetti. he should get back on, not ideal for the young Italian sprinter, he definitely has a chance today.


Oops, Orsini gets a rear puncture.

Ciccone is indeed pushing on with Frapporti for the next climb, but, with only 7" gap, they may not make it. Moschetti out the back there, I think, 2 trek riders pulling a leader back. Maybe Mollema.


Ciccone is now in full pursuit of Frapporti, will he catch the Androni rider before the top? The answer is yes, the Trek man makes it to Frapporti. Ciccone has a word, Frapporti battles for it but Ciccone puts the Androni man in his box. 18" gap.


Ciccone on the move yet again, trying to catch Frapporti before the top, maybe go straight over the top and push on as the next climb isn't too far away.


Frapporti and Cima shake hands, ooh Frapporti kicks on again, so Cima will lose ground on the fuga pinarello. Cima, which means summit in Italian, ironic reall as he's more of a sprinter, is caught by the peloton. Ciccone lurking once again, but Masnada is with him this time I think. 10" gap.


Right, the pace is up yet again in the peloton. Movistar, Bahrain and Mitchelton Scott join lotto Soudal and Bora Hansgrohe on the front. Gap at just 28" now.

Here is what Matt Stephens thinks about the final KM of today...


This is the next climb via La Flamme Rouge on Twitter. Up the Monteluro, just a CAT 4, same as the smaller Gabicce Monte that come straight after. 1'06" gap.


Massive crowds on the road side as we're on the flat before the penultimate KOM. A spectator is riding a e-bike on the road next to the one the break is riding on, Frapporti didn't look impressed. 1'28" gap.


Lotto Soudal have complete control on the front now. Bora just behind them, the tricky finish is almost crit like, this should suit Ewan perfectly, but I've said that before in this race on Twitter and then he's nowhere to be seen.

It SHOULD suit him perfectly with 2 right angle right handers in the last KM. 1'44" gap.


Ciccone is lead out by Gogl and the Italian Trek rider will extend his blue jersey lead. He always looks very nervous when going for those points, constantly looking around. He takes the point unchallenged though.

De Gendt in now on the leader board for the KOM, which will begin to worry Ciccone, even though it is only the 1 point. 2'39" gap.


Frapporti takes the climb, he dropped Cima but waits for him as they go over the top. I imagine Ciccone will pop out of the peloton to take the climb. And Ciccone is indeed right up at the front yet again. 2'51" gap.


Front puncture for Antunes (CCC), he gets back on easily though. The rain is coming down at the finish, it is currently dry on the climb. The peloton is really stretched. I don;t think they want to catch the duo up front though. 2'55" gap.


The break are now climbing. Not sure who took the points behind. It's tight and twisty for the rest of the day now really. beautiful towns and villages, but it is very stressful to ride in. Slippy town cobbles too. 2'52" gap.


Frapporti leads Cima over the intermediate sprint. The pace behind is now building, the gap has halved almost, Groupama, Bora, UAE and Lotto Soudal have brought it back to 2'47".


We're getting close to the next intermediate sprint in Calcinelli. We expect the break not to contest, yet again, then it will porbably be Ackermann and Demare again behind.

Monte Della Mattera coms straight after the intermediate sprint. That's a category 3 climb.

3'07" gap.


Oooh the umbrellas are out. It is starting to rain a little. 4'04" gap.

News away from today's stage... We may not be racing up the Passo Gavia, the snow is causing a real problem, it may not be passable. If they can't ride it, then they will ride 2 passages of the Mortirolo instead. Which would be a shame.


Hmmm Bardiani have put the whole team on the front to work with De Gendt and Bennedetti. Obviously not happy about the team not having a rider in the break, so maybe they're hoping to bring it back early for a new break? Not too sure otherwise. 3'30" gap.


Cima and Frapporti didn't contest the intermediate sprint, Demare beats Ackermann but the German leads by over 30 points.

Ackermann is in an almost zen state, he's so calm and happy. Understandable, he's won 2 stages and his GC men, Formolo and Majka are well placed.

Whereas, Ewan, who's got a couple of 2nd places, and Viviani, who got DQ'd in Orbetello, will be feeling the pressure. Especially Viviani, who's the Italian champion, as you all kow. 4'50" gap.


News coming through is that the final 3km will be neutralised in GC. Apparently, this stage didn't have the 3km rule, it does now. It's not the 6km that some of the riders wanted.

We're not far from the intermediate sprint in Senigallia. I'm sure Frapporti and Cima will have a little hit out for it. Ackermann will probably take the points behind. 5'17" gap.


This is THAT very dangerous last corner! 200m to go as well, get that wrong and you don't just lose the stage, you may lose your bike and end your Giro! Damp, slippery roads as well.


The very technical finish wasn't an understatement. Look at what yesterday's 2nd place, Tony Gallopin of AG2R, had to say on Twitter before he set off today.


Roglic only has 2 riders by him today, very different look to them now De Plus is out. Kuss will have to be the Slovenian's main man in the mountains now.

Apparently Sacha Modolo abandoned yesterday as well. He said himself that he wasn't where he would want to be, big shame for a sprinter who has had a really tough time in the last couple of years.


Frapporti and Cima are in the break for the 3rd time this week I believe. They're both battling for the, prepare for incorrect spelling, fuga pinarello prize. (I'm very sorry if that's spelt wrong.)

But they are in the break for that. trying to get the KMs ticking over for that prize and a possible podium in Verona at the end of the day.

Groupama, Bora and Mitchelton are working on the front of the peloton. 5'29" gap.


I've spoken about Ackermann, Viviani and Ewan, I actually forgot about Arnaud Demare from Groupama FDJ. 2nd in the points standings, with this tricky and lumpy finish, could it suit the Frenchman? He'll definitely be up there.

The, kind of, outsiders are Moschetti, Mareczko, Lonardi, Gibbons, Nizzolo and Cimolai, to name a few.


It's lovely dry weather where the riders are at the moment. But, it is raining at the finish. It's a very technical finish too.

Lots of twists and turns with a very sharp turn just before we finish! It's not quite as bad as the turn before the finish in Orbetello, but it isn't what you need right at the end. We could maybe see a solo attack on the last little lump.


With the abandon of Fernando Gaviria, we have just three big names. Last time we had a sprint, Ackermann dominated with a very strong sprint. He's the most relaxed. Ewan and Viviani didn't have the legs, they looked really tired. We'll see how it goes.

155km to go, 5'34" gap.


We've ridden around 65km out of the 239.6km so far. Apologies for the slow updates, I had a few technical problems. Some former riders, such as Juan Antonio Flecha, think this stage is a little like Milan - San Remo. It is definitely long enough!

The break up front have a 5'53" gap.


This is what we're dealing with today, via Deceuninck Quickstep's Twitter.


Of course, yesterday saw the loss of 2 riders. Both very important. Fernando Gaviria of UAE and Laurens De Plus of Jumbo Visma.

Major loss for both teams. Roglic losing his right hand man. UAE down to just 6 riders.

Today's stage is a long one, obviously, it's the longest stage, I may have mentioned that. 239.6km, it should be a sprint at the end, it could've been a day for the break, but with just 2 riders up the road, I doubt that will happen.


Hello everyone. Tim Bonville-Ginn here filling in for Felix over this weekend. I've been landed with the longest stage, but not to worry! I'm happy to be here.

Astana's Pello Bilbao took the win into l'Aquila yesterday with Valerio Conti holding onto pink.

In today's stage we have 2 riders up the road, they are Androni's Marco Frapporti and Nippo Vini's Damiano Cima. They have a 4'47" gap on the peloton.