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Moena - Ortisei
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Giro d'Italia • Stage18

Moena - Ortisei
Giro d'Italia - 25 May 2017

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We'll leave you with an image of the winner today, Tejay Van Garderen of BMC. Thanks for joining me and see you tomorrow for more Giro d'Italia action...


And here are the new overall standings, with no change in the top three, but a fair bit of moment below as the others close the gap, Yates rises into the top 10 and takes the white jersey at the expense of Jungels...


Confirmation of the top ten today...


And here's today's winner after ending that drought...


This is the moment that Van Garderen took his maiden Grand Tour win.


Bob Jungels comes over the line with Andrey Amador 3:54 down on the winner - and he might well have lost the white jersey to Adam Yates today.


Brilliant win for an emotional Van Garderen who has saved his Giro d'Italia with a quite splendid win in the Dolomites. Landa didn't learn his lesson from the other day and was out-tactic'ed at the end of that brutal stage.


Pinot took third place before riders came over in dribs and drabs before Dumoulin leads Quintana and Nibali over the line 1:05 down to deliver a psychological blow on his rivals for the pink jersey. There will be no change for the top three but lots of movement elsewhere in the top ten.


Victory for Tejay Van Garderen of BMC who pick-pockets Mikel Landa of Team Sky.


Pinot is leading the chase on the final ramp... Landa and Van Garderen are on the cobbled section...


Yates is back with the pink jersey group after fading earlier...


Landa and Van Garderen will contest the stage win. They go under the flamme rouge and they have 20 seconds on Hirt, Pinot and Pozzovivo. They can't mess around too much or they will be caught and two will become five...


The favourites are at a standstill. They're cooked and looking at each other for the answers. So it's Zakarin who leads the chase, forcing Mollema and Kruijswijk to follow. Meanwhile, Dumoulin just chills - trolls, even - Nibali and Quintana. Bizarre scenes.


The two leaders have 23 seconds on Hirt, 32 seconds on Pinot and Pozzovivo and 44 seconds on the Dumoulin group.


Pinot and Pozzovivo go clear - and Dumoulin refuses to chase because he knows that they're no threat to him. He lets the others, who are threatened, dig deep - and compatriots Mollema and Kruijswijk do just that. They're over the top of the climb, by the way, with Landa taking the points ahead of Van Garderen and Hirt.


Now Dumoulin attacks properly! The maglia rosa opens up a gap. Quintana closes it down before Pinot, Pozzovivo, Nibali and Zakarin ride back...


ATTACK BY TOM DUMOULIN! The Dutchman is playing with them. He dances clear, slows, turns round, then puts in another dig. He's bossing it completely because he knows he feels good and that Quintana and Nibali are cooked.


Yates puts in an attack - and then Nibali dances clear of the favourites. They reel in Dombrowski but it comes to nothing and the Shark is reeled in.


Quintana on the radio again - something is clearly not right. He looks over his shoulders, sees the chasers closing in, and sits up. Game over?


Van Garderen attacks Landa on the front, while Quintana rides clear of Anacona further down. But the gaps in both cases are minimal.


Landa leads Van Garderen. If the American has never won a Grand Tour stage, then he's not going to be gifted it by the Spaniard, who was denied a win the other day by Nibali. Behind, Hirt leads the chase, 30 seconds down.


Anacona still has a small gap... and then Quintana puts in his attack just as Berhane is reeled in. He joins Anacona but the gap is minimal. Pinot and Reichenbach lead the chase for FDJ, with Mollema behind. No panic from the others though. Dumoulin is taking it easy, with Nibali, Kruijswijk and Zakarin in his wheel.


Just 3km of this climb to go and we're onto the steep stuff. The remnants of the break are being caught - Villella, the first, then Berhane. And Amador pulls off, his work done. Anacona rides clear - no one follows his wheel. Hirt has attacked Dombrowski in the pursuit of the two leaders...


Landa and Van Garderen are stretching their lead: it's up to 40 seconds over the chasers and 1:08 for the main pack, suggesting that Movistar are not setting a fast enough tempo for Quintana. The Colombian actually looks rather cooked and is on the radio talking to his Movistar car. Perhaps he's not feeling it today...


The gaps are still 25 seconds and 1:00 and so it's looking good for Landa and Van Garderen. Amador and Anacona still set the tempo, but Dumoulin doesn't appear to be in any difficulty.


Dumoulin has Quintana and Nibali in his wheel - they are going to have to attack him soon. Earlier I said that this final 8,9km climb must be longer: I made a mistake, the summit tops out 4km from the finish, after which the road flattens out. So if Dumoulin loses time on the climb, he may be able to time trial his way back into contention as the gradient levels out...


Tejay Van Garderen has never won a stage on a Grand Tour. Could today be the day? He'll need to hold off Landa, plus the other escapees, plus the flurry of attacks that are bound to come from the favourites. It's a big ask...


The two leaders have 15 seconds over the other escapees and 55 seconds over the main pack. The pace is still being driven by Yates and Plaza of Orica-Scott, and Amador and Anacona of Movistar, with Tom Dumoulin in pink just behind.


We're onto the final Cat.1 climb to Pontives, which apparently is only 8.9km long but seems to be a little longer. The average gradient is 7.3% with a maximum ramp of 12% near the finish.


Landa and Van Garderen have opened up a gap of around 15 seconds on their fellow escapees, Dombrowski, Villella, Hirt and Berhane. They pass through a tunnel and move onto the final climb...


After the final climb there will be quite a technical finish, too, according to our roving reporter Laura Meseguer...


Ruben Plaza still on the rampage after the descent continues following another little uphill dig. The Spaniard has a small gap over the other riders in this select chasing group, which trails the six leaders by 36 seconds.


Here's what the riders can expect from the final climb today - courtesy of Juan Antonio Flecha...


That's why Villella hasn't dropped back to help Formolo: he's managed to rejoin the leaders, who now have 40 seconds on the chasing pack.


Davide Formolo is no longer with the main group of favourites, so his white jersey hunt is hitting complications. You'd think Villella would drop back and lend him a hand now that he's been dropped from the leading group.


Over the top go the leaders and it's Landa once again who consolidates his lead in the KOM standings. That maglia azzurra surely is his - but can he now get a stage win, too?


Villella is struggling in the break and Rosa has popped. Landa sets the tempo ahead of Van Garderen, Berhane, Hirt and Dombrowski. They have 35 seconds.


So, this man pack includes Dumoulin, Quintana, Amador, Anacona, Nibali, Siutsou, Pinot, Reichenbach, Zakarin, Pozzovivo, Mollema, Kruijswijk, Yates, Plaza and Formolo. In short, all the big guns with the exception of Jungels, who has been distanced.


We're onto the Cat.3 Passo di Pinei Panidersattel (4.2km at 6.3% and a maximum of 15%). Plaza, Yates, Anacona and Amador are working on the front, with Quintana just behind.


It's coming back together for the group of main favourites despite the fast tempo of Plaza and Yates on this descent. Yates will move back into the top ten and could even go above Bob Jungels and take the white jersey today after the Quick-Step Floors rider was dropped on that previous climb. The gap for the seven leaders is still around 30 seconds.


This is effectively a 38km descent broken up by the short Cat.3 Passo di Pinei Panidersattel. If you can go downhill well then that will really help you today. Indeed, Plaza, Yates and Quintana have opened up a small gap over the chasers... they are only 18 seconds behind the break now.


The seven-man break of Landa, Rosa, Dombrowski, Villella, Van Garderen, Berhane and Hirt have 33 seconds to play with. There are numerous gaps on the descent as Orica-Scott pile on the pressure on the descent. Pinot is one of the riders to take his foot off the gas and slip back. Nibali has been quiet but is now riding with Zakarin and Mollema as they chase down Dumoulin and the Orica duo, plus Quintana, ahead.

- -

And here's the moment he almost undid all his hard work by riding into a motorbike mincing around on one of the corners...

- -

Here's the moment Quintana threw down his big attack...


All the big guns are now back together after that impressive Dumoulin response following duel attacks from Quintana and Nibali. The leaders have just 42 seconds to play with.


It's Landa who crests the summit in pole position - but the big news comes one minute later when the Quintana and Nibali group goes over the top, just as Tom Dumoulin rejoins his rivals after leading the chase from behind. Such composure from the Dutchman - but how much has it taken out of him?


Superb stuff by Nibali, who manages to bridge over to the Quintana group (which also includes Anacona, Rolland and Siutsou). But the gaps are small and Dumoulin is juggernauting himself back into contention...


Meanwhile, Rosa and Landa continue to set the tempo with Villella, Dombrowski, Hirt, Van Garderen and Berhane just behind.


ATTACK BY NIBALI! The defending champion now puts in his own attack, dancing clear from the Dumoulin-led main group. The Italian has managed to bridge over to his former Astana team-mate Dario Cataldo, who is pacing him up. Nice.


Quintana has caught - and passed - Deignan, who was in the break. Foliforov manages to grab his wheel as the Colombian is then picked up by his Movistar team-mate Amador. The Movistar duo drop the Russian and ride clear. Poetry in motion as this masterplan comes off...


The leading group is down to just eight riders now... and then... QUINTANA ATTACKS! The Colombian 2014 champion finally throws down the hammer and he leaves the other GC favourites for dead. No reaction from his rivals as he dances clear.


Gorka Izaguirre peels over - and that's it, no more riders for Nairo Quintana. Although Movistar still have two riders up the road: Anacona and Amador. They will be key for the Colombian now. Ah, false alarm: Izaguirre is back. He looked to have popped, but he's come back to the front... for a small turn... and then is dropped, this time for good.


One of the riders to be dropped from this select main group is Bob Jungels, the white jersey, who has lost a lot of ground already. That bodes well for Modolo and Yates. At the moment, Jungels leads Jan Polanc by 1:58, Yates by 2:25 and Formolo by 2:42 in the youth standings.


Quintana now has just one rider left in this main group, which is down to just 15 or so riders. It's Izaguirre who rides ahead of Franco Pellizotti of Bahrain Merida and two Katusha riders, including Zakarin. Then we have Kruijswijk and the pink jersey. The likes of Nibali, Quintana, Pinot, Yates, Formolo and Pozzovivo are all here, Mollema and Reichenbach too.


The three-man move is blistered by seven other riders so we have 10 out ahead with three riders chasing - including Rolland. The Sky trio are in the leading group, while Villella, Anacona, Hirt and Van Garderen have also made it over.


Changing of the guard: Movistar come to the front of the main pack - and Dumoulin has now lost ten Dam, who has completely popped. He's got drool coming out of his mouth as he pedals squares on this third climb...


ATTACK: Dombrowski dances clear of the break and takes Berhane with him. Plaza bridges over so we have three out ahead.


We're onto the third of five climbs now, the Cat.2 Passo Gardena (9km at 6.7% with a maximum gradient of 11%). With 60km remaining, the gap is just north of two minutes. It's perfectly poised for some fireworks. Sure, it's early, but Nibali and Quintana will need to try something soon or Dumoulin will continue to be in the driving seat of this race.


Dumoulin is all on his own in a sea of Movistar and Orica-Scott dark blue jerseys. Ten Dam is taking a breather on the back of this main pack, which is only about 30-strong, if that.


The break has completed the descent and is now approaching the second intermediate sprint as Diego Rosa ups the tempo for Sky. Their gap is 1:57 as Rosa leads the remnants of the break through the sprint with Deignan and Anacona on his back wheel.


A lot was said about Tom Dumoulin's problems the other day but the truth remains that, once he'd got it all out of his system, the Dutchman rode up the Umbrailpass in the fifth quickest time, and then descended quicker than Nibali. That makes him the big favourite to win this Giro - even without a team to support him. It just remains to be seen how he copes over the rest of this terribly demanding stage. Still in pink come 4pm and then he'll be that bit closer to winning a maiden Grand Tour.


Mads Pedersen has been caught by the pack now, while Joey Rosskopf is chasing back on to the break after being tailed off near the summit. Two climbs down, three to go. And the big question remains: when will Quintana attack?


In the updated KOM standings Mikel Landa leads with 132pts with Luis Leon Sanchez still on 108pts but Omar Fraile up to 104pts. Game on.


Orica-Scott lead a whittled-down main pack over the summit of the climb 2:08 down on the leaders.


Basque duo Landa and Fraile open up the sprint on the steepest section of this climb - and it's the Dimension Data rider, winner of stage 11, who takes the points as he bids to slash Landa's lead in the battle for the maglia azzurra.


Sky up the tempo near the summit through Rosa and Deignan. Landa is behind Fraile in fourth place as the summit nears...


Dumoulin is riding in seventh place in the main pack in the wheel of his last remaining team-mate, Laurens ten Dam. He has a Bahrain Merida rider in front and then four Orica riders, who continue driving the pace. Behind the maglia rosa Quintana rides with three Movistar team-mates. They have two up the road in Amador and Anacona. It's very well poised.


Meanwhile, Sky duo Deignan and Rosa are setting the tempo for the leaders as they edge closer to the summit. Expect their man Landa to dart clear on the 14% ramp in search of those KOM points.


Orica-Scott are really doing damage to this main peloton, which is losing riders quicker than autumn branches lose leaves on a particularly blustery day. The gap is down to 1:45 for the large leading group on this second of five climbs today.

- -

Look who's here: Didi the Devil has crossed two borders to grace the Giro with his presence as he warms up for the Tour de France...


Juul Jensen is back with the pack but Orica now have three riders on the front, including Yates. They've taken over the reins as the gap to the leaders comes down to 2:20.


Mads Pedersen of Trek has already been dropped by the leaders. You'd expect him to be joined by his team-mate Stuyven soon. Meanwhile, Christopher Juul Jensen of Orica-Scott rides clear of the Bahrain Merida-led pack. He'll be hoping to pave the way for a win for his team-mate Adam Yates, who is currently 11th on GC.


The danger men in this break are Amador and Cataldo who are 14th and 15th respectively on GC, at 11:29 and 13:36. That's why Sunweb aren't too concerned, which prompts Nibali's Bahrain Merida team to come to the front to up the tempo in the main pack.


Tom Dumoulin now has all his remaining five Subweb team-mates around him as things settle. The gap is 2:30 as the riders hit the second climb of the day, the Cat.2 Passo Valparola (10.7km at 6.6% with a maximum 14% just near the summit).


Right, let's bring you a list of all the riders in this 19-man break, now that it's settled and the road hierarchy has formed: Diego Rosa, Mikel Landa and Philip Deignan (Team Sky), Tejay Van Garderen and Joey Rosskopf (BMC), Natnael Berhane and Omar Fraile (Dimension Data), Joe Dombrowski, Pierre Rolland and Davide Villella (Cannondale-Drapac), Ruben Plaza (Orica-Scott), Jasper Stuyven and Mads Pedersen (Trek Segafredo), Dario Cataldo (Astana), Andrey Amador and Winner Anacona (Movistar), Kanstantsin Siutsou (Bahrain Merida), Jan Hirt (CCC Sprandi Polkowice) and Alexander Koliforov (Gazprom-Rusvelo).


CORRECTION: It's not Stetina, but Jasper Stuyven, of all people. He's not a renowned climber, so that's quite a ride from the Belgian. And now this leading group is around 16 strong as the other chasers bridge over after the descent. They have 55 seconds over the main pack.


Peter Stetina of Trek-Segafredo has just joined the leaders, too. So there's a distinctive American feel in this break: four out of eight.


CORRECTION: Rolland and Landa are in the chasing group - the Cannondale rider in the leading group is Dombrowski. Van Garderen has also joined BMC team-mate Rosskopf in this move. So it's them, plus Berhane, Rosa and Deignan.


It's very hard to gauge what's happening on the road on this twisting, hairpinned descent. It seems that Sky duo - Landa and Deignan - have joined the leaders. Pierre Rolland is there too, yesterday's winner putting in another good shift.


This chase group includes some big names, but none of the GC favourites. Tejay Van Garderen, Joe Dombrowski and Mikel Landa are there... Remember, Landa leads the KOM standings with 124pts, with Astana's Luis Leon Sanchez on 108pts and a third Spaniard, Omar Fraile of Dimension Data, on 89pts. There are loads of points up for grabs today so the maglia azzurra will be another subplot.


Diego Rosa leads the three escapees over the summit of this first climb, the Passo Pordoi. The chasing group comes over about 25 seconds later and then the Katusha-led main pack comes over at 48 seconds.


A chasing group of around 10 riders has formed in pursuit of the three leaders, with numerous other riders trying to bridge over.


It's all happening with numerous attacks and a raft of riders off the back. Boaro has been dropped and the three leaders - Rosa, Berhane and Rosskopf - still have 20 seconds to play with. Landa is back with the main pack, which is being led by Sunweb's ten Dam. FDJ's Steve Morabito is the latest to attack - perhaps hoping to set things up for team-mate Thibaut Pinot, fourth on GC, later on.


Winner Anacona (Movistar) attacks to reel in Foliforov before Cannondale-Drapac duo Davide Villella and Joe Dombrowski bridge over and bring it back together. Until Mikel Landa, the blue jersey, attacks for Team Sky. He's hunting down points for the KOM maglia azzurra competition, plus would like a win after missing out narrowly to Nibali two days ago.


Tom Dumoulin is already isolated with only Laurens ten Dam left with him. His Sunweb team are down to six riders following the withdrawal of sprinter Phil Bauhaus last night. How the Dutchman could have done with the support of Wilco Kelderman today... his compatriot who crashed into the police motorbike on the stage to Blockhaus.


An attack comes from the streamlined peloton - and it's Russia's Alexander Foliforov of Gazprom-Rusvelo. He's had a quiet race but last year was the surprise winner of the mountain time trial on Alpe di Suisi - the day Vincenzo Nibali had a meltdown when his bike suffered a mechanical.


The lead is tumbling for these four escapees, who only have 25 seconds now as Berhane takes it up on the front. Veteran Boaro is struggling somewhat on the back.


That large chasing group was reeled in early on this climb but numerous riders are trying to bridge across now as the road snakes up between dense, tall pine trees. The four leaders have 1:25 over the maglia rosa group.


We're already onto the first climb of the day, the Cat.1 Passo Pordoi (11.3km at 6.8% with a maximum gradient of 9%).


It's Boaro who takes the first intermediate sprint at Canazei, where yesterday's stage finished, with a large group of 30-odd riders trying to bridge over to the four-man break.


Four riders have attacked: Natnael Berhane (Dimension Data), Joey Rosskopf (BMC), Diego Rosa (Team Sky) and Manuale Boaro (Bahrain Merida).


It's sunny in the Dolomites with the temperature currently 17 degrees Celsius. That will drop considerably when the riders head over 2,000m for the first three of today's five climbs.


And they're off! The remaining 166 riders get this key stage under way...


It's a huge day of destiny in the Dolomites for the race leader Tom Dumoulin, who signed on this morning without his maglia rosa - a sign of things to come? We'll have to wait and see.


Over five categorised climbs the GC favourites will do battle and Tom Dumoulin may face his sternest test yet as Nairo Quintana and defending champion Vincenzo Nibali continue their bid to prise the maglia rosa from the rangy Dutchman’s shoulders.


Race leader Tom Dumoulin (Team Sunweb) came home in a peloton that included all the big favourites the best part of eight minutes in arrears. With just four stages of the 100th edition of the Giro d'Italia remaining, the Dutchman retains the maglia rosa by a gap of 31sec over Colombian Nairo Quintana (Movistar).


Yesterday, Frenchman Pierre Rolland won a thrilling Stage 17 of the Giro d'Italia, holding off a sizeable chasing group to secure his first major win for almost five years. Rolland's victory was his first since joining Cannondale–Drapac last season and the American team's first Grand Tour stage victory since Davide Formolo struck gold in La Spezia on the 2015 Giro. An inspired Rolland rolled home 24 seconds ahead of his pursuers, who were led over the line by Portugal's former world champion, Rui Costa of UAE Team Emirates.


Hello and welcome to live coverage of stage 18 of the Giro d'Italia: just 137km long but featuring three peaks in excess of two-thousand metres, the short but fiendishly sharp ride from Moena to Ortisei/St Ulrich is a celebration of the Dolomites and includes the famous Passo Pordoi and Passo Gardena.