Adcock aims to bounce back from Olympic nightmare

Adcock aims to bounce back from Olympic nightmare
By Sportsbeat

29/12/2012 at 00:18Updated 29/12/2012 at 00:20

It’s said you should never mix business with pleasure but Chris Adcock insists doing the exact opposite can help him get over his London 2012 Olympic nightmare.

The 23-year-old was one of just four British badminton players to qualify for London 2012, playing in the mixed doubles alongside world silver medal winning partner Imogen Bankier.

But, despite heading into the Games ranked tenth in the world and with a favourable draw, Adcock and Bankier lost all three of their group matches to crash out there and then.

The failure even prompted an angry response from Olympic silver medallist from 2004 Gail Emms while Bankier has since moved back to Scotland, ending their partnership.

Adcock was quickly paired back with Gabby White, who he is set to marry next autumn and cracked into the world’s top 20 with in 2010 before trying different partners, last month.

Some might view their personal relationship as a stumbling block to their sporting ambitions, but Adcock insists the future is bright.

“Obviously London 2012 didn’t quite go the way I wanted it to and it was frustrating,” said Adcock. “It was one of those things that could have happened at any tournament but unfortunately it happened at the biggest one, an Olympics, and a home one at that.

“But what is done is done and I can’t stew over it. Instead I will just have to learn from the whole experience and use it to my advantage next time. I am now in the mixed doubles with Gabby though and we obviously know each other well.

“We have some really good years before, all the way through the juniors and for the first couple of years of the seniors too.

“It went really well before so we are really exciting about teaming up again because we have both come a long way and progressed as players from the last time we played together.

“Last time we teamed up I think the highest world ranking we achieved was 16th and we are both better players now so we will be looking to improve that.

“We both think that we can climb above that, hopefully break into the top ten and give ourselves the best chance of playing at the next Olympics.”

Despite failing to live up to his billing at London 2012, the experience hasn’t scarred Adcock too badly and he is already looking towards setting the record straight at the Rio Olympics in four years time.

“I think myself and Imogen were one of the youngest mixed doubles pairings to represent Great Britain at an Olympics for a long time so it was great for us to get there,” he added.

“But I think the end game was always going to be Rio in four years time. Obviously we went into London 2012 looking to do our best and it was a great opportunity to experience it all but I think our best chance was always going to be in Rio.”