Rowdy NFL fans face redemption exam

Rowdy NFL fans face redemption exam
By Eurosport

17/04/2012 at 13:13Updated 17/04/2012 at 19:04

NFL fans kicked out of stadiums for rowdy behaviour will have to pass a code of conduct exam if they are to be allowed back in for other games, according to a report in the US.

The plan is reportedly the brainchild of a licensed psychotherapist from California as the NFL seeks to stamp out unruly behaviour in American football stadia.

"We’re not trying to squash anyone’s passion. We’re just trying to say don’t be violent," Dr Ari Novick told the New York Post.

Novick added that requirements will vary according to the stadium in question, although most of those ejected will have to pass the test before they are allowed to return.

Anti-social behaviour at NFL games has been on the rise of late, with recent unseemly incidents ranging from bare-knuckle brawls to New York Jets fans screaming obscenities at women until they exposed their breasts.

Daniel DeLorenzi, security chief at the new MetLife Stadium - the ground shared between the Jets and their city rivals the New York Giants - told the newspaper about 25 fans were ejected each game.

The MetLife Stadium was one of the first to employ Novick's philosophy, with those fans given the boot expected to write a letter of apology to DeLorenzi and take a four-hour, $75 online course.

To pass - and gain re-admittance into the stadium - repentant fans must score a mark of 70 per cent.

The difficulty of some of the posers, though, is questionable.

One question reads: "Every fan has a right to like any team they wish. Using abusive language towards fans who support teams you don’t like will not be tolerated. True or false?", while another asks, "Behaving badly towards other fans, such as fighting, swearing or threatening them, is OK as long as they deserve it. True of False?"