Athletics medals most valued by British fans ahead of summer action

Athletics medals most valued by British fans ahead of summer action
By Eurosport

30/06/2012 at 01:12Updated 30/06/2012 at 02:23

A UK Sport survey has revealed how much the British public is anticipating medal glory in this summer's athletics events at the Games in London.

As the nation counts down to the London 2012 Games a study published by UK Sport report has revealed that athletics is the top sport in which the British public would like to see Team GB achieving medal success.

Athletics appears to be the main sport that fans crave for international recognition and success in, with responding participants rating it higher even than football, the national sport. The two rugby codes placed second and third, whilst success in swimming was the fourth most popular response, with tennis and cycling fifth and sixth.

That answer related to all sporting events, with athletics also coming out on top in a second question relating specifically to the Olympics.

Athletics is therefore also the sport most people would like to see GB win medals in at both the Olympic and Paralympic Games this summer in London. Those surveyed rated athletics ahead of swimming and cycling for the forthcoming Games, which commence in the last week of July.

When asked which sports they most wanted to see Great Britain and Northern Ireland competitors win medals in during the 2012 London Olympics, fans answered Athletics (19%), Swimming (13%), Cycling (9%), Gymnastics (9%), Football (5%) and Rowing (5%) in that order.

A total of 1,840 fans were surveyed in the latest ‘Sporting Preferences’ research, conducted around major sporting events, with the aim of highlighting the growing public appetite for Olympic sport as the Games approach.