Olympic Games - London 2012

Olympic food and drink prices revealed

Spectators will have to put up with high prices for food and drink for the Olympic Games in London, according to a report in the Daily Mail.

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The paper has collated the cost of basic items on sale at the Olympic park, and reveal that a basic lunch on a family day out could cost as much as £40.

With airport-style security in place there will be no scope for fans to bring their own drinks into the site, while a 500ml bottle of mineral water cost £1.60 at the weekend’s test event. It will be possible to bring empty water bottles, however, and fill them up at taps around the park for free.

Bringing your own food to an event, by contrast, will be permitted, but organisers have reserved the right to confiscate ‘excessive food’.

The Mail said that a spokesman indicated that meant picnic hampers or cool boxes were “likely to be an issue”.

With the restrictions on food and drink, spectators will have to brace themselves for considerable additional expenses during the day out.

A spokesman for Games organisers Locog told the paper: “We have gone to considerable lengths to find great tasting, top quality food, setting new benchmark standards for the industry.

“This includes snacks from £1, sandwiches from under £4 and jacket potatoes from just over £5.”


500ml bottle of water – £1.60

Small glass of wine – £5.20

Fresh orange juice – £2.80

Cup of coffee - £2.40

Hot dog - £5.90

Pack of pork scratching - £2.50

Granola yoghurt - £3.80


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