Day two – fans have their say

Day two – fans have their say
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Last update30/07/2012 at 02:23

Publishedon 30/07/2012 at 01:19

Last update30/07/2012 at 02:23

Publishedon 30/07/2012 at 01:19

Article by Eurosport

The Twittersphere reacts to Sunday’s developments at the London 2012 Games, with rain, medals and Paula Radcliffe’s marathon withdrawal all on the agenda.

On super Lizzie Armistead's brave silver

@tanyaarnold Team GB's first medal is made in Yorkshire. Brilliant from Lizzie Armitstead

Andrew, Lerwick, Scotland (Yahoo Message Boards) Very well done to Elizabeth Armitstead; a fantastic ride in appalling conditions.

R, London, England (Yahoo Message Boards) Well done Elizabeth! The honour of winning GB's first medal of the games goes to you!

@moz_dee A new sporting hero. Lizzie Armitstead. What a race. #London2012

@DavidMunroWise @L_ArmiTstead Absolutely brilliant performance Lizzie. Inspirational to everyone in team GB. You are up there with the very very best.

On the heavy rain affecting outdoor events in London

@Writer_LovinIt Lizzie Armitstead is from Yorkshire. Rain doesn't bother her. #olympics

@KTStop22 Nice to see all of the people cheering on the cyclists even in the pouring rain. #Olympics

@MalloryOnTravel Quite a contrast between the cycling route in #London2012 with heavy rain & the sailing venue at sunny Weymouth #Olympics

@CaptainTremaine Rain. Official Sponsor of the London 2012 Olympics.

On the heartbreaking news that Paula Radcliffe will miss next weekend's marathon

@tomguise awwhh absolutely gutted for Paula Radcliffe! Her record will still stand though. #untouchable #london2012

@Susie_Comben Such a shame to hear Paula Radcliffe won't be running the marathon. "Best athlete never to win an Olympic medal" #Olympics

‏@donkhill3 Heartbreaking news for Paula Radcliffe - all the hard work & dedication & still miss the Olympics in her own country #comebackstronger

On Andy Murray's straightforward Sunday victory in the Olympic tennis at Wimbledon

@JoeBroome Good start for Andy Murray, comfortable win and didn't have his brother holding him back this time!

‏@DuncanSRamsey Andy Murray is through. First round never is much of a challenge really. Onward! #TeamGB

‏@HollyW87 C'mon Andy! RT @5livetennis: Excellent performance from Murray.. a medal favourite and, on this evidence, a definite contender for the gold!

On the beach volleyball

‏@MarcusPowell Women's beach volleyball is by far the best sport in the olympics. I love their... Sunglasses.

‏@Pundamentalism To make the most of our home team advantage, the Beach Volleyball court should be covered with pebbles, seaweed, and empty beer cans.

@domisatwit Anyone else thoroughly addicted to the Olympics already? Hooked on the beach volleyball, swimming, boxing, archery, tennis and gymnastics!

On the Equestrian events at Greenwich Park

‏@darryl1974 Just having a a peek at the equestrian event from Greenwich Park. My manor is looking splendid on the telly. #london2012

@tonyfrangiosa Equestrian is not an #Olympic sport. The horse does all the work!

‏@erikianlarsen 71-year-old Japanese dressage rider is the oldest #Olympics competitor in nearly a century. Amazing story.

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