Calendar Wigan Athletic

04/08/2013Day 1Barnsley0 - 4Wigan Athletic
18/08/2013Day 3AFC Bournemouth1 - 0Wigan Athletic
21/08/2013Day 2Wigan Athletic2 - 2Doncaster Rovers
26/08/2013Day 4Wigan Athletic2 - 2Middlesbrough
01/09/2013Day 5Wigan Athletic2 - 1Nottingham Forest
15/09/2013Day 6Leicester City2 - 0Wigan Athletic
23/09/2013Day 8Wigan Athletic2 - 0Ipswich Town
29/09/2013Day 9Watford1 - 0Wigan Athletic
07/10/2013Day 11Wigan Athletic2 - 1Blackburn Rovers
19/10/2013Day 12Blackpool1 - 0Wigan Athletic
28/10/2013Day 13Charlton Athletic0 - 0Wigan Athletic
31/10/2013Day 10Wigan Athletic0 - 0Queens Park Rangers
03/11/2013Day 14Wigan Athletic2 - 1Huddersfield Town
11/11/2013Day 15Yeovil Town0 - 1Wigan Athletic
24/11/2013Day 16Wigan Athletic0 - 1Brighton and Hove Albion
02/12/2013Day 17Wigan Athletic1 - 3Derby County
05/12/2013Day 18Leeds United2 - 0Wigan Athletic
08/12/2013Day 19Millwall2 - 1Wigan Athletic
16/12/2013Day 20Wigan Athletic3 - 2Bolton Wanderers
22/12/2013Day 21Reading1 - 2Wigan Athletic
27/12/2013Day 22Wigan Athletic0 - 0Birmingham City
30/12/2013Day 23Wigan Athletic0 - 0Burnley
02/01/2014Day 24Derby County0 - 1Wigan Athletic
12/01/2014Day 25Wigan Athletic3 - 0AFC Bournemouth
19/01/2014Day 26Doncaster Rovers3 - 0Wigan Athletic
29/01/2014Day 28Middlesbrough0 - 0Wigan Athletic
02/02/2014Day 29Wigan Athletic2 - 1Charlton Athletic
09/02/2014Day 30Huddersfield Town1 - 0Wigan Athletic
12/02/2014Day 7Sheffield Wednesday0 - 3Wigan Athletic
19/02/2014Day 27Wigan Athletic2 - 0Barnsley
23/02/2014Day 32Brighton and Hove Albion1 - 2Wigan Athletic
02/03/2014Day 33Nottingham Forest1 - 4Wigan Athletic
13/03/2014Day 35Wigan Athletic1 - 0Sheffield Wednesday
16/03/2014Day 36Ipswich Town1 - 3Wigan Athletic
19/03/2014Day 31Wigan Athletic3 - 3Yeovil Town
23/03/2014Day 37Wigan Athletic2 - 1Watford
26/03/2014Day 38Queens Park Rangers1 - 0Wigan Athletic
30/03/2014Day 39Bolton Wanderers1 - 1Wigan Athletic
02/04/2014Day 34Wigan Athletic2 - 2Leicester City
05/04/2014Day 40Wigan Athletic1 - 0Leeds United
09/04/2014Day 41Wigan Athletic0 - 1Millwall
19/04/2014Day 43Wigan Athletic16:00Reading
22/04/2014Day 44Burnley16:00Wigan Athletic
27/04/2014Day 45Wigan Athletic16:00Blackpool
30/04/2014Day 42Birmingham City20:45Wigan Athletic
03/05/2014Day 46Blackburn Rovers13:15Wigan Athletic
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