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18/07/2013Qualifying Round 2Cliftonville0 - 3Celtic
24/07/2013Qualifying Round 2Celtic2 - 0Cliftonville
01/08/2013Qualifying Round 3Celtic1 - 0IF Elfsborg
08/08/2013Qualifying Round 3IF Elfsborg0 - 0Celtic
21/08/2013Play-off roundShakhtyor IK2 - 0Celtic
29/08/2013Play-off roundCeltic3 - 0Shakhtyor IK
19/09/2013Group StageAC Milan2 - 0Celtic
02/10/2013Group StageCeltic0 - 1FC Barcelona
23/10/2013Group StageCeltic2 - 1Ajax
07/11/2013Group StageAjax1 - 0Celtic
27/11/2013Group StageCeltic0 - 3AC Milan
12/12/2013Group StageFC Barcelona6 - 1Celtic
04/08/2013Day 1Celtic2 - 1Ross County
17/08/2013Day 3Aberdeen0 - 2Celtic
25/08/2013Day 4Celtic2 - 2Inverness Caledonian Thistle
31/08/2013Day 5Dundee United0 - 1Celtic
14/09/2013Day 6Heart of Midlothian1 - 3Celtic
22/09/2013Day 7Celtic2 - 1St. Johnstone
28/09/2013Day 8Kilmarnock2 - 5Celtic
06/10/2013Day 9Celtic2 - 0Motherwell
19/10/2013Day 10Hibernian1 - 1Celtic
27/10/2013Day 11Partick Thistle1 - 2Celtic
03/11/2013Day 12Celtic1 - 1Dundee United
09/11/2013Day 13Ross County1 - 4Celtic
24/11/2013Day 14Celtic3 - 1Aberdeen
07/12/2013Day 15Motherwell0 - 5Celtic
15/12/2013Day 16Celtic1 - 0Hibernian
21/12/2013Day 17Celtic2 - 0Heart of Midlothian
27/12/2013Day 18St. Johnstone0 - 1Celtic
29/12/2013Day 19Inverness Caledonian Thistle0 - 1Celtic
02/01/2014Day 20Celtic1 - 0Partick Thistle
05/01/2014Day 21St. Mirren0 - 4Celtic
19/01/2014Day 23Celtic3 - 0Motherwell
26/01/2014Day 24Hibernian0 - 4Celtic
30/01/2014Day 22Celtic4 - 0Kilmarnock
03/02/2014Day 2Celtic1 - 0St. Mirren
16/02/2014Day 26Celtic3 - 0St. Johnstone
22/02/2014Day 27Heart of Midlothian0 - 2Celtic
26/02/2014Day 25Aberdeen2 - 1Celtic
02/03/2014Day 28Celtic5 - 0Inverness Caledonian Thistle
15/03/2014Day 29Kilmarnock0 - 3Celtic
23/03/2014Day 30Celtic3 - 0St. Mirren
27/03/2014Day 31Partick Thistle1 - 5Celtic
30/03/2014Day 32Celtic1 - 1Ross County
05/04/2014Day 33Dundee United0 - 2Celtic
19/04/2014Day 34Motherwell3 - 3Celtic
28/04/2014Day 35Celtic16:00Inverness Caledonian Thistle
04/05/2014Day 36Celtic16:00Aberdeen
08/05/2014Day 37St. Johnstone20:45Celtic
11/05/2014Day 38Celtic13:15Dundee United
02/12/20134th RoundHeart of Midlothian0 - 7Celtic
08/02/20145th RoundCeltic1 - 2Aberdeen
12/08/2012AugustReal Madrid2 - 0Celtic
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