Sorrento - Marina di Ascea

Giro d'Italia - Stage 3 - Monday 06 May 2013
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 222 km0 km20406080100120140160180200222 km
  • Cadel Evans

    C. Evans
    BMC Racing

  • Luca Paolini

    L. Paolini

  • Ryder Hesjedal

    R. Hesjedal

Average speed 38km/h
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Jonathan Symcox

Thanks for joining us and see you tomorrow for stage four.

Jonathan Symcox

General classification: 1. Paolini, 2. Wiggins +17, 3. Uran +17, Intxausti +26, 5. Nibali +31.

Jonathan Symcox

Stage top five: 1. Paolini, 2. Evans +16, 3. Hesjedal +16, 4. Santambrogio +16, 5. Sanchez +16.

Jonathan Symcox

With the bonus seconds for winning, Paolini will move into the pink jersey tonight - he was just 19 seconds down on GC following yesterday's team time trial.

Jonathan Symcox

Cadel Evans (BMC) takes second place and Ryder Hesjedal (Garmin) third - both pick up some valuable bonus seconds from the chasing pack.

Jonathan Symcox

Victory for Italian veteran Luca Paolini of Katusha!

Jonathan Symcox

Hedjedal and Nibali lead the chase as Paolini nips under the 1km-to-go kite.

Jonathan Symcox

Scarponi will loose a lot of time today - that happened just outside the final 3km section. Paolini still leads as he completes the descent.

Jonathan Symcox

CRASH: Scarponi crashes for Lampre with a Blanco rider. And his bike is broken and he'll have to wait for a change. Two Blanco riders went down and third-place Scarponi braked and then crashed onto his shoulder.

Jonathan Symcox

Luca Paolini now has 11 seconds and it's looking good - although there is a flat final kilometre so anything could happen.

Jonathan Symcox

Two more riders come to grief on the downhill - from Katusha and Bardiani.

Jonathan Symcox

Paolini has six seconds as Blanco take up the chase.

Jonathan Symcox

We're onto the final descent and it looks like Sky have come to the front. One of the Colombia riders overcooks a bend and has to clip out of the pedals. Luca Paolini of Katusha now attacks!

Jonathan Symcox

This is a short ramp of about 1km in length. Uran is back here for Wiggins now. There is about 30 riders in this main group, with Fabio Aru setting the pace for Astana.

Jonathan Symcox

They're onto a slight uphill before the final descent. Tanel Kangert of Astana has crashed - the Estonian winces in pain as he gets back on his bike.

Jonathan Symcox

Wiggins will be in pink tonight provided he doesn't come a cropper.

Jonathan Symcox

Wiggins is plaing this descent bery safe. He's back in about 10th position but not allowing things to get too strung out amongst the leaders. Pozzovivo has been dropped. There is a BMC rider here, but it's not obvious if it's Evans from the aerial shots.

Jonathan Symcox

Carlos Betancur overshoots a bend and has to run out into the grass verge. That was a scare for the Colombian at Ag2r. Still Hesjedal is driving the pace on the front.

Jonathan Symcox

Amazing aerial shots of these switchbacks - the peloton is strung out, there are groups all over the place for this descent. Yes, Visconti only got five points in the KOM competition so it will be Wauters in blue after he took the Cat.2 climb earlier in the day.

Jonathan Symcox

The gap is minimal though, despite Hesjedal pushing on. It's a long, winding, twisting descent that favours the brave.

Jonathan Symcox

BMC and Vini Fantini put in attacks too, but the Hesjedal trio have a small gap over the chasing pack.

Jonathan Symcox

valerio Agnoli of Astana pings off the front on the descent. He's chased down by Ryder Hesjedal of Garmin-Sharp. The Canadian defending champion is very excitable today. Luca Paolini of Katusha joins them on the front.

Jonathan Symcox

All the favourites are crowding around Nibali because the know he is a good descender. There's a small flat plateau first, then the first downhill, a slight uphill, then a long and technical 8km ride down to the coastline and the finish.

Jonathan Symcox

Giovanni Visconti of Movistar, the current blue jersey, leaps clear to pick up maximum points over the summit ahead of the Astana train. That may keep him in the lead - although it's not certain. Willem Wauters is on nine points, and Visconti only had three before that Cat.3 climb.

Jonathan Symcox

It's the Estonian national champion Tanel Kangert of Astana who is driving the pace. The pink jersey is already a minute off the back.

Jonathan Symcox

Astana now have four men - including Nibali - on the front of the pack. It looks like Cadel Evans has fought back for BMC. Meanwhile, Danilo Di Luca is struggling for Vini Fantini.

Jonathan Symcox

The pink jersey Salvatore Puccio is struggling to stay in contact with this main pack. In fact, he's off the back now. Still, it was a day he'll never forget.

Jonathan Symcox

The chasing peloton is regrouping. Nibali has two Astana team-mates with him on the front, with Wiggins in his wheel. Hesjedal slows and allows himself to be caught. He looks back and sees that he has no team-mates. D'oh...

Jonathan Symcox

Hesjedal attacks! The Canadian rides off the front just as Fabio Taborre is past by the group of favourites.

Jonathan Symcox

This select group of around eight riders are onto the Cat.3 Sella di Catona - 6.6% with a max of 13%. The likes of Wiggins, Hesjedal, Scarponi, Nibali are all here... but no sign of Evans.

Jonathan Symcox

Garmin and Astana have completely blasted the pack to pieces - and a massive selection has been made before this Cat.3 climb actually gets going properly.

Jonathan Symcox

Garmin are now setting a fierce pace on the front of the peloton, with Astana right there. Wiggins is in the mix, but surrounded by no team-mates. Meanwhile, it's all over for Taborre, who is pedalling squares. He'll lose a lot of time today...

Jonathan Symcox

The grey clouds on the horizon look rather ominous. Perhaps we will get that rain after all... The gap is down to just 1:27 for Fabio Taborre over the peloton so it looks like he's going to be swept up quite soon. The five other escapees have just 15 seconds over the peloton.

Jonathan Symcox

The chasing group is not working well together and Dirk Bellemakers puts in an attack in a bid to shake things up. The reality is that Taborre probably killed the break by attacking so early. He may have regrets about that later tonight.

Jonathan Symcox

It looks like the chasing group are now not a factor for the lone leader: the five fugitives are losing time to Taborre and the peloton is returning fast. The Vini Fantini man now has 2:50 over the pack. The heart says yes but the head says now...

Jonathan Symcox

Sticky bidon for Lampre's Jose Serpa, who has quite a phenomenal moustache. Sean Kelly says that riders would be drinking around 10 to 12 bidons of water on humid days like this.

Jonathan Symcox

Taborre now has 1:05 over the five chasers and 3:30 over the peloton. Bart de Backer, who was in the break, has been caught by the pack.

Jonathan Symcox

The peloton is one long line now in the flat segment between climbs. Katusha have joined Sky on the front, while those sprinters - Cavendish, Bouhanni et al - have fought their way back on.

Jonathan Symcox

Lone leader Fabio Taborre has 50 seconds over the five chasers. He is the virtual pink jersey but could well implode on the final climb of the day. Meanwhile, a crash has brought down a cluster of riders back in the peloton - Emanuele Sella and Diego Rosa (Androni Giocattoli) and Laurent Pichon (FDJ). Poor Pichon - he crashed heavily in the opening stage in Naples.

Jonathan Symcox

Giairo Ermeti (Androni Giocattoli) and Sonny Colbrelli (Bardiani Valvole) both crash in separate incidents on the downhill inside the peloton.

Jonathan Symcox

It's four and a half hours in the saddle now for the riders, with Fabio Taborre leading the race for Vini Fantini. It's an interesting move. If he can get over the summit of the next climb in pole position, he will get some points for the blue competition. And if you have a decent gap over the summit, then the stage is yours because it's a 8km downhill to the finish. But by going solo now he may be shooting himself in the foot...

Jonathan Symcox

CORRECTION: Taborre has gone alone! The Italian has attacked his fellow escapees and rides on the front of the race. Could he be putting himself into the pink jersey via the stage win today? It's very early to say - but this would be reminiscent of team-mate Matteo Rabbotini's win from last year.

Jonathan Symcox

Taborre must have had a little problem because he's not chasing back on to the other leaders. He's 22 seconds down. The peloton are still four minutes back.

Jonathan Symcox

The race is very strung out on this descent, with the break's lead back up to 4:16. They have reached the end of the downhill and are now on a lumpy segment ahead of the final climb of the day. It's touch and go as to whether or not they can stay out.

Jonathan Symcox

Lampre's Daniele Pietropolli has crashed for the second time in three days. The Italian has a graze on his left hip and is fighting his way back onto the peloton.

Jonathan Symcox

The road surface is fairly mixed, with some lumpy potholes sections and other new strips of pristine tarmac. Still no sign of the rain that was reported towards the finish earlier in the day.

Jonathan Symcox

The six escapees are back together on the descent. Remember that they were initially a seven-man group but Bart de Backer (Argos Shimano) was dropped on the climb and has, in all likelihood, been caught by the pack.

Jonathan Symcox

The Cavendish-Bouhanni gruppeto crossed the summit 5:22 down on the leaders, so that means Cav has 1:40 to make up on the peloton on the descent. He may struggle with that.

Jonathan Symcox

Confirmation of the points over the top of the San Mauro Cilento climb: 1. Willem Wauters (Vacansoleil) 9pts, 2. Manuele Boaro (Saxo Bank) 5pts, 3. Fabio Taborre (Vini Fantini) 3pts.

Jonathan Symcox

Sky lead the peloton over the summit 3:42 down on the leaders.

Jonathan Symcox

Sky are back on the front of the chasing peloton, with Ryder Hesjedal of Garmin right up there too. The clock is ticking - it will be interesting to see what the gap is.

Jonathan Symcox

Boaro leads out the sprint for the KOM points, but it's Wauters who passes him to take the points with Tabbore in third. Now the all-important descent - and Taborre is taking some risks ahead of the other two escapees.

Jonathan Symcox

Pantano puts in a dig and is covered by Boaro. The others manage to peg them back, although Bellemakers looks to be on the ropes.

Jonathan Symcox

The six leaders are approaching the summit of the San Mauro Cilento... whoever takes the points could well be in the blue jersey tonight.

Jonathan Symcox

Mark Cavendish, winner of stage one and wearing the red points jersey, is on the back of the peloton and clearly struggling on this climb. This is ominous for the Manxman, especially with that second climb coming up. Nacer Bouhanni, the French champion, has also been dropped off the back. The seven leaders have 4:45.

Jonathan Symcox

Vini Fantini have four men on the front of the peloton despite having that man Fabio Taborre in the leading group. After their strong time trial, they have a cluster of riders just 22 seconds down on GC. The seven leaders have 5:15 over the peloton now, with Venezuelan Jackson Rodriguez setting the pace in the break and Bart de Backer now off the back.

Jonathan Symcox

There's a bit of a tangle at the start of the climb for the peloton, with a few riders coming to a near stand-still on the first tight bend into the climb. Just before, on a short descent, Blanco's Wilco Keldeman crashed into a ditch. It's a Blanco now on the front conrolling the pace before their man rejoins the back of the pack.

Jonathan Symcox

Taborre and Boaro lead the break up the climb, both in the dancing position.

Jonathan Symcox

BMC, Garmin, Movistar and Astana are all fairly active on the front of the pack. Meanwhile, the leaders are onto the Cat.2 San Mauro Cilento climb, which averages 6.7% for 7.8km - but starts with some nasty 16% narrow hairpin bends.

Jonathan Symcox

Omega Pharma-Quick Step have come to the front of the peloton now, with Sky peeling off the front. It's not their job now, with the Belgian team thinking about a win for Mark Cavendish - providing he can get over those hills.

Jonathan Symcox

Will the seven escapees stay out? They have 6:53 over the peloton with that first big climb coming right up.

Jonathan Symcox

There are numerous rises in the coastal road now ahead of the Cat.2 San Mauro Cilento. Fabio Taborre has dropped back to the Vini Fantini car to have a chat with his team manager. They know that if they play their cards right, they could well be in pink tonight. But there is still a long way to go - and these riders will not necessarily stay out.

Jonathan Symcox

Pink jersey Salvatore Puccio has pink handlebars and a pink saddle today, milking it as much as he can. Do you blame him? This is the 23-year-old's debut grand tour - and he's already in the lead on home soil.

Jonathan Symcox

We have the first of those two climbs coming up in about 15km. The gap is still around 6:40 for the escapees, with Fabio Taborre in virtual pink.

Jonathan Symcox

Sky have a full quota of riders on the front of the peloton as they pass through Agropoli, 6:42 down on the seven leaders. There are some decent temples in this neck of the woods.

Jonathan Symcox

Crash in the peloton involving a RadioShack rider and a Vacansoleil rider. Their bikes are tangled up together but it doesn't look too serious. Just a bit earlier, red jersey Mark Cavendish picked up a puncture and needed a wheel change.

Jonathan Symcox

Bert de Backer won the second intermediate sprint ahead of Manuele Boaro and Willem Wauters. This break of seven riders attacked from the outset of today's stage - as soon as the flag was waved for the official start. They have 6:54 over the pack.

Jonathan Symcox

Nothing serious for Tiralongo - one of Vincenzo Nibali's main lieutenants at Astana - after that crash. A team Astana tweet just in: "Tiralongo small slow-speed crash after St3 #Giro feed zone, returns immediately on spare bike, race doctor sprays right knee for cuts."

Jonathan Symcox

The lead is seven minutes for the seven leaders, who are approaching the temple-tastic town of Paestum.

Jonathan Symcox

CRASH: Italian Paolo Tiralongo (Astana) has taken a tumble during the feed zone.


So, what do you make of the news that Froome will lead Sky during the Tour? It's not so much of a surprise - but very telling that David Brailsford has felt the need to make such a statement. Wonder what the reaction was from Bradley Wiggins when he heard about it through race radio?

Jonathan Symcox

A reminder of the seven leaders: Fabio Taborre (Vini Fantini), Manuele Boaro (Saxo Bank-Tinkoff), Willem Wauters (Vacansoleil-DCM), Jarlison Pantano (Colombia), Bert De Backer (Argos Shimano), Dirk Bellemakers (Lotto Belisol) and Jackson Rodriguez (Androni Giocattoli).

Jonathan Symcox

BREAKING NEWS: Sir Dave Brailsford has confirmed that Chris Froome - and not defending champion Bradley Wiggins - will lead Team Sky in this year's Tour de France. "It is crucial there is clarity of purpose and, for that reason, we will go to the Tour with one leader," he told Given Chris's step up in performances this year, our plan, as it has been since January, is to have him lead the Tour de France team."

Jonathan Symcox

The lead is fairly stable for the seven escapees: 6:40 at the latest check, with Team Sky still controlling matters on the front of the peloton.

Jonathan Symcox

The seven-man break pass through the town of Salerno with a 6:38 advantage over the peloton, which is being led by the Sky team of pink jersey Salvatore Puccio. Sky won't be too bothered about retaining the maglia rosa tonight so we can expect a new race leader tonight.

Jonathan Symcox

Dirk Bellemakers has a mechanical issue and needs to drop back to replace his bike just ahead of the first intermediate sprint, which is won by Fabio Taborre (Vini Fantini). The seven leaders are now onto a long flat segment of the stage which runs south alongside the coast.

Jonathan Symcox

The best-known rider in this seven-man group is Italian Manuele Boaro of Saxo Bank-Tinkoff. The 26-year-old joined Saxo in 2011. He is a time trial specialist, finishing 3rd in last year's Giro prologue in Herning behind Taylor Phinney and Geraint Thomas. It was his debut grand tour too. Described by team manager Bjarne Riis as "very talented", Boaro won the mountains classification in this year's Volta ao Algarve.

Jonathan Symcox

Colombian Jarlinson Pantano is a 24-year-old climber riding his debut grand tour and still looking for his maiden professional win. Venezuela's Jackson Rodriguez is 28 and is riding his fifth Giro d'Italia. He finished 26th on GC in his first appearance in 2009. 27-year-old Fabio Taborre, the virtual pink jersey, won the 2011 Memorial Marco Pantani race and joined Vini Fantini after two years at Acqua e Sapone. This is his second appearance in the Giro after finishing 98th in 2011.

Jonathan Symcox

Let's take a closer look at these seven riders in the break. Argos Shimano's Bert de Backer is 29 years old and has no pro wins to his name, but he did take the sprint classification in the Three Days of La Panne race in 2011. This is his first Giro appearance. Fellow Belgian Willem Wauters is only 22 and is riding his first grand tour for Vacansoleil. A third Belgian in this group, 29-year-old Dirk Bellemakers joined Lotto Belisol in the winter is is riding his first grand tour too.

Jonathan Symcox

Giro d'Italia race organiser Michele Aquarone has just tweeted: "At the media centre some say the @giroditalia is too much TT oriented. IMHO the 2013 Giro's route is balanced, unpredictable and sexy!" With almost 90km of time trials this year, it's easy to see why Bradley Wiggins is the race favourite. What do you think?

Jonathan Symcox

Who do you think will win today's stage? Will this break stay out until the end or will they be reeled back by the peloton? Should the break falter, will there be a counter attack over those two climbs in the last third of the stage? Web users can have their say below - or send me a Tweet @saddleblaze. The gap is up to 6:20 for the escapees.

Jonathan Symcox

The lead of this seven-man break is now up to almost six minutes. Fabio Taborre is the virtual pink jersey. The Vini Fantini man is 22 seconds down on GC after his Italian Pro Continental outfit put in a solid performance in yesterday's time trial in Ischia to come fifth.

Jonathan Symcox

Some background information on the unexpected pink jersey, Salvatore Puccio: the 23-year-old was born and bred in Sicily before moving to Umbria, aged 13, when his father, a truck driver, was offered a job in the reconstruction of Assisi after an earthquake. Puccio used to race in amateur races in Tuscany before being picked up by Sky in 2012. La Gazzetta described him today as: "A handsome man, the body of Moser, like Francesco, tall and lean but strong, with the face of an Irishman."

Jonathan Symcox

You can join in today's action on Twitter and enjoy some banter, fun and games. Just follow me @saddleblaze.

Jonathan Symcox

The seven leaders are: Fabio Taborre (Vini Fantini), Manuele Boaro (Saxo Bank-Tinkoff), Willem Wauters (Vacansoleil-DCM), Jarlison Pantano (Colombia), Bert De Backer (Argos Shimano), Dirk Bellemakers (Lotto Belisol) and Jackson Rodriguez (Androni Giocattoli). They have five minutes over the pack now.

Jonathan Symcox

The seven escapees now have four and a half minutes over the pack - but we're still waiting for confirmation of a full breakdown of names. All we know is that it includes those two riders Wauters and Pantano.

Jonathan Symcox

A reminder of the state of play on GC at this early stage in the race: 23-year-old Salvatore Puccio, riding his maiden home tour, is in pink. The Italian is level on time with Sky team-mates Bradley Wiggins, Sergio Henao, Dario Cataldo and Rigoberto Uran. A cluster of Movistar riders are all nine seconds down after their second-place run in yesterday's TTT: Benat Intxausti, Giovanni Visconti (the blue KOM jersey holder), Jose Herrada, Alex Dowsett (the white youth jersey) and Eros Capecchi.

Jonathan Symcox

This seven-man group includes Willem Wauters (Vacansoleil-DCM) and Jarlison Pantano (Colombia) and now has a couple of minutes over the pack. Details are very sketchy at this point, however.

Jonathan Symcox

BREAK: Seven riders have managed to escape the clutches of the peloton. Full details coming up.

Jonathan Symcox

With that downhill towards the finish perhaps we can expect some of Bradley Wiggins's rivals to take back some time lost during yesterday's team time trial, won by Sky. Samuel Sanchez of Euskaltel is renowned for his descending skills, as is Astana's Vincenzo Nibali...

Jonathan Symcox

We're under way in Sorrento for the first full-length stage of the 96th edition of the Giro d'Italia. The riders first take on a couple of circuits of the famous tourist town before a 130km jaunt south along the coast that includes two intermediate sprints. Then things get tricky with the Cat.2 San Mauro Cilento climb followed by the Cat.3 Sella di Catona. Such are the difficulty of the climbs, you'd expect a break in the pack and many of the top sprinters ma not be around to contest the finish.

Jonathan Symcox

It's a cloudy start at Sorrento and there's some rain forecast for the second half of the stage. That would make it rather interesting with those two categorised climbs and the long, technical descent to the finish.


Yesterday, Italian youngster Salvatore Puccio rode into the pink jersey after the Sky team of Bradley Wiggins won stage two of the Giro d'Italia - a team time trial on the island of Ischia. Team Sky completed the highly technical 17.4km course in a time of 22 minutes and five seconds to beat Movistar by nine seconds and the Astana team of Wiggins's big rival, Vincenzo Nibali, by 14 seconds.

Jonathan Symcox

Good morning and welcome to live coverage of stage three of the 2013 Giro d'Italia - an undulating 222km ride along the Amalfi coast from Sorrento to Marina Di Ascea.


Live Giro d'Italia - Sorrento - Marina di Ascea

1Luca Paolini  (ITA) Katyusha  5:43:50   
2Cadel Evans  (AUS) BMC Racing  +16   
3Ryder Hesjedal  (CAN) Garmin  +16   
4Mauro Santambrogio  (ITA) Vini Fantini  +16   
5Samuel Sánchez  (ESP) Euskaltel  +16   
6Giampaolo Caruso  (ITA) Katyusha  +16   
7Pieter Weening  (NED) Orica  +16   
8Bradley Wiggins  (ENG) Team Sky  +16   
9Beñat Intxausti  (ESP) Movistar  +16   
10Robert Gesink  (NED) Belkin  +16   
11Robert Kišerlovski  (CRO) Trek  +16   
12Tom Danielson  (USA) Garmin  +16   
13Ivan Santaromita  (ITA) BMC Racing  +16   
14Rigoberto Urán  (COL) Team Sky  +16   
15Valerio Agnoli  (ITA) Astana  +16   
16Yury Trofimov  (RUS) Katyusha  +16   
17Vincenzo Nibali  (ITA) Astana  +16   
18Sergio Henao  (COL) Team Sky  +36   
19Enrico Battaglin  (ITA) Bardiani Valvole  +49   
20Giovanni Visconti  (ITA) Movistar  +50   
21Fabio Aru  (ITA) Astana  +50   
22Steve Morabito  (SUI) BMC Racing  +50   
23Rafael Valls  (ESP) Vacansoleil  +50   
24Cayetano Sarmiento  (COL) Cannondale  +50   
25Michal Golas  (POL) Omega Pharma - Quick-Step  +50   
26Jorge Azanza  (ESP) Euskaltel  +50   
27Carlos Betancur  (COL) AG2R  +50   
28Domenico Pozzovivo  (ITA) AG2R  +50   
29Rafal Majka  (POL) Tinkoff - Saxo  +50   
30Steven Kruijswijk  (NED) Belkin  +50   
31Franco Pellizotti  (ITA) Androni Giocattoli  +50   
32Przemyslaw Niemiec  (POL) Lampre  +1:00   
33Michele Scarponi  (ITA) Lampre  +1:00   
34Diego Rosa  (ITA) Androni Giocattoli  +1:37   
35Alessandro Proni  (ITA) Vini Fantini  +1:52   
36Stefano Garzelli  (ITA) Vini Fantini  +1:52   
37Fabio Duarte  (COL) Colombia  +1:52   
38Marco Marcato  (ITA) Vacansoleil  +1:52   
39Bruno Pires  (POR) Tinkoff - Saxo  +1:52   
40Arnold Jeannesson  (FRA)  +1:52   
41Rory Sutherland  (AUS) Tinkoff - Saxo  +1:52   
42Juan Manuel Gárate  (ESP) Belkin  +1:52   
43Serge Pauwels  (BEL) Omega Pharma - Quick-Step  +1:52   
44Fabio Felline  (ITA) Androni Giocattoli  +1:52   
45Francis De Greef  (BEL) Lotto  +1:52   
46Francis Mourey  (FRA)  +1:52   
47Francisco Ventoso  (ESP) Movistar  +1:52   
48Peter Stetina  (USA) Garmin  +1:52   
49Danilo Wyss  (SUI) BMC Racing  +1:52   
50Grega Bole  (SLO) Vacansoleil  +1:52   
51Danilo Hondo  (GER) Trek  +1:52   
52Vladimir Karpets  (RUS) Movistar  +1:52   
53Wilco Kelderman  (NED) Belkin  +1:52   
54Francesco Bongiorno  (ITA) Bardiani Valvole  +1:52   
55Andrey Zeits  (KAZ) Astana  +1:52   
56Tiago Machado  (POR) Trek  +1:52   
57Ángel Vicioso  (ESP) Katyusha  +1:52   
58Paolo Longo Borghini  (ITA) Cannondale  +1:52   
59Egoi Martínez  (ESP) Euskaltel  +1:52   
60Gianluca Brambilla  (ITA) Omega Pharma - Quick-Step  +1:52   
61Evgueni Petrov  (RUS) Tinkoff - Saxo  +1:52   
62Gorka Verdugo  (ESP) Euskaltel  +1:52   
63Petr Ignatenko  (RUS) Katyusha  +1:52   
64Damiano Caruso  (ITA) Cannondale  +1:52   
65Darwin Atapuma  (COL) Colombia  +1:52   
66Danilo Di Luca  (ITA) Vini Fantini  +1:52   
67José Serpa  (COL) Lampre  +1:52   
68Miguel Ángel Rubiano  (COL) Androni Giocattoli  +1:52   
69Emanuele Sella  (ITA) Androni Giocattoli  +1:52   
70Stefano Pirazzi  (ITA) Bardiani Valvole  +2:03   
71Tanel Kangert  (EST) Astana  +3:05   
72Simone Stortoni  (ITA) Lampre  +3:05   
73Kanstantsin Sivtsov  (BLR) Team Sky  +3:23   
74Dalivier Ospina  (COL) Colombia  +3:31   
75Vladimir Gusev  (RUS) Katyusha  +4:24   
76Jarlinson Pantano  (COL) Colombia  +4:24   
77Salvatore Puccio  (ITA) Team Sky  +7:05   
78Julien Bérard  (FRA) AG2R  +7:05   
79Leonardo Duque  (COL) Colombia  +8:27   
80Vicente Reynés  (ESP) Lotto  +8:27   
81Dirk Bellemakers  (NED) Lotto  +8:27   
82Alex Dowsett  (ENG) Movistar  +8:27   
83Elia Viviani  (ITA) Cannondale  +8:27   
84Filippo Pozzato  (ITA) Lampre  +8:27   
85Sonny Colbrelli  (ITA) Bardiani Valvole  +8:27   
86Marco Canola  (ITA) Bardiani Valvole  +8:27   
87Sacha Modolo  (ITA) Bardiani Valvole  +8:27   
88Fabio Sabatini  (ITA) Cannondale  +8:27   
89Ricardo Mestre  (POR) Euskaltel  +8:27   
90Dominique Rollin  (CAN)  +8:27   
91Jens Keukeleire  (BEL) Orica  +8:27   
92Luke Durbridge  (AUS) Orica  +8:27   
93Alan Marangoni  (ITA) Cannondale  +8:27   
94Nicola Boem  (ITA) Bardiani Valvole  +8:27   
95Murilo Fischer  (BRA)  +8:27   
96Tiziano Dall'Antonia  (ITA) Cannondale  +8:27   
97Stefano Locatelli  (ITA) Bardiani Valvole  +8:27   
98Martijn Keizer  (NED) Vacansoleil  +8:27   
99Matti Breschel  (DEN) Tinkoff - Saxo  +8:27   
100Maarten Wynants  (BEL) Belkin  +8:27   
101Rob Ruijgh  (NED) Vacansoleil  +8:27   
102Stef Clement  (NED) Belkin  +8:27   
103John Degenkolb  (GER) Giant  +8:27   
104Koen de Kort  (NED) Giant  +8:27   
105Gert Dockx  (BEL) Lotto  +8:27   
106Frederik Veuchelen  (BEL) Vacansoleil  +8:27   
107Cristiano Salerno  (ITA) Cannondale  +8:27   
108Patrick Gretsch  (GER) Giant  +8:27   
109Christian Knees  (GER) Team Sky  +8:27   
110Matteo Rabottini  (ITA) Vini Fantini  +8:27   
111Willem Wauters  (BEL) Vacansoleil  +8:27   
112Cameron Wurf  (AUS) Cannondale  +8:27   
113Mark Cavendish  (IMN) Omega Pharma - Quick-Step  +8:27   
114Julien Vermote  (BEL) Omega Pharma - Quick-Step  +8:27   
115Nélson Oliveira  (POR) Trek  +8:27   
116Jérôme Pineau  (FRA) Omega Pharma - Quick-Step  +8:27   
117Karsten Kroon  (NED) Tinkoff - Saxo  +8:27   
118Thomas Damuseau  (FRA) Giant  +8:27   
119Ben Gastauer  (LUX) AG2R  +8:27   
120Guillaume Bonnafond  (FRA) AG2R  +8:27   
121Paul Martens  (GER) Belkin  +8:27   
122Mads Christensen  (DEN) Tinkoff - Saxo  +8:27   
123Lars Bak  (DEN) Lotto  +8:27   
124Hubert Dupont  (FRA) AG2R  +8:27   
125Adam Hansen  (AUS) Lotto  +8:27   
126Mattia Cattaneo  (ITA) Lampre  +8:27   
127Christian Vande Velde  (USA) Garmin  +8:27   
128Brett Lancaster  (AUS) Orica  +8:27   
129Robert Vrecer  (SLO) Euskaltel  +8:27   
131Edoardo Zardini  (ITA) Bardiani Valvole  +8:27   
132Daniele Bennati  (ITA) Tinkoff - Saxo  +8:27   
133Matteo Trentin  (ITA) Omega Pharma - Quick-Step  +8:27   
134Albert Timmer  (NED) Giant  +8:27   
135Fredrik Kessiakoff  (SWE) Astana  +8:27   
136George Bennett  (NZL) Trek  +8:27   
137Alessandro Vanotti  (ITA) Astana  +8:27   
138Dmitry Kozonchuk  (RUS) Katyusha  +8:27   
139Robinson Chalapud  (COL) Colombia  +8:27   
140José Herrada  (ESP) Movistar  +8:27   
141Pablo Lastras  (ESP) Movistar  +8:27   
142Maurits Lammertink  (NED) Vacansoleil  +12:16   
143Kristijan Ðurasek  (CRO) Lampre  +12:16   
144Gert Steegmans  (BEL) Omega Pharma - Quick-Step  +12:55   
145Johan Le Bon  (FRA)  +12:55   
146Pavel Brutt  (RUS) Katyusha  +13:37   
147Robert Hunter  (RSA) Garmin  +14:17   
148Taylor Phinney  (USA) BMC Racing  +14:17   
149Daniel Oss  (ITA) BMC Racing  +14:17   
150Iljo Keisse  (BEL) Omega Pharma - Quick-Step  +14:17   
151Thomas Dekker  (NED) Garmin  +14:17   
152Ramunas Navardauskas  (LTU) Garmin  +14:17   
153Frederik Willems  (BEL) Lotto  +14:17   
154Eros Capecchi  (ITA) Movistar  +14:17   
155Hayden Roulston  (NZL) Trek  +14:17   
156Daniele Pietropolli  (ITA) Lampre  +14:17   
157Ioannis Tamouridis  (GRE) Euskaltel  +14:17   
158Maarten Tjallingii  (NED) Belkin  +14:17   
159Brian Bulgaç  (NED) Lotto  +14:17   
160Giacomo Nizzolo  (ITA) Trek  +14:17   
161Roberto Ferrari  (ITA) Lampre  +14:17   
162Leigh Howard  (AUS) Orica  +14:17   
163Christian Meier  (CAN) Orica  +14:17   
164Jens Mouris  (NED) Orica  +14:17   
165Carlos Quintero  (COL) Colombia  +14:17   
166Wilson Marentes  (COL) Colombia  +14:17   
167Tomás Gil  (VEN) Androni Giocattoli  +14:17   
168Tobias Ludvigsson  (SWE) Giant  +14:17   
169Edwin Ávila  (COL) Colombia  +14:17   
170Jackson Rodríguez  (VEN) Androni Giocattoli  +14:17   
171Bert De Backer  (BEL) Giant  +14:17   
172Luka Mezgec  (SLO) Giant  +14:17   
173Svein Tuft  (CAN) Orica  +14:17   
174Maxim Belkov  (RUS) Katyusha  +14:17   
175Juan José Cobo  (ESP) Movistar  +14:17   
176Anthony Roux  (FRA)  +14:17   
177Giairo Ermeti  (ITA) Androni Giocattoli  +14:17   
178Nathan Haas  (AUS) Garmin  +14:17   
179Matthew Goss  (AUS) Orica  +14:17   
180David Millar  (SCO) Garmin  +14:17   
181Francesco Chicchi  (ITA) Vini Fantini  +14:17   
182Rafael Andriato  (BRA) Vini Fantini  +14:17   
183Oscar Gatto  (ITA) Vini Fantini  +14:17   
184Fabio Taborre  (ITA) Vini Fantini  +14:17   
185Manuele Boaro  (ITA) Tinkoff - Saxo  +14:17   
186Yaroslav Popovych  (UKR) Trek  +14:17   
187Pim Ligthart  (NED) Vacansoleil  +14:17   
188Dmitriy Gruzdev  (KAZ) Astana  +14:17   
189Xabier Zandio  (ESP) Team Sky  +14:17   
190Danny Pate  (USA) Team Sky  +14:17   
191Steven Cummings  (ENG) BMC Racing  +14:17   
192Sandy Casar  (FRA)  +14:17   
193Klaas Lodewyck  (BEL) BMC Racing  +17:07   
194Adam Blythe  (ENG) BMC Racing  +17:07   
195Davide Appollonio  (ITA) AG2R  +17:07   
196Pablo Urtasun  (ESP) Euskaltel  +19:31   
197Dario Cataldo  (ITA) Team Sky  +19:31   
198Miguel Mínguez  (ESP) Euskaltel  +19:31   
199Nacer Bouhanni  (FRA)  +19:31   
200Laurent Pichon  (FRA)  +19:31   
201Jesse Sergent  (NZL) Trek  +19:31   
202Jack Bobridge  (AUS) Belkin  +19:31   
203Manuel Belletti  (ITA) AG2R  +19:31   
204Kenny Dehaes  (BEL) Lotto  +19:31   
205Cheng Ji  (CHN) Giant  +19:31   
206Mattia Gavazzi  (ITA) Androni Giocattoli  +19:35   
207Sylvain Georges  (FRA) AG2R  +8:27 (DSQ)   
207Paolo Tiralongo  (ITA) Astana  +20:00   
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