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By Eurosport - The 13/03/2012 at 19:25
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  • thurs flor17/04/2014 16:36

    once again the world snooker championships get snobbed with no live coverage while i checked on eurosport uk they will.. amazing how a major event like this gets absolutely no live coverage at all ridiculous

  • potblack11120/09/2013 18:44

    we get to read about the snooker on eurosport australia. but yet we don't get any of it shown on eurosport australia. unlike british eurosport where all tournaments are live very disappointed that there's none.

  • norms.yard24/06/2013 09:16

    G'day Troops. I spent the best part of the entire 24 hours of the greatest motor race on earth, planted on my couch. What a spectacle, this years race was the best. The coverage was good, but the host broadcaster had a very bad habit of switching camers at the most inappropriate times. In the middle of something very exciting, important they would switch to the tyre pattern on a car that was a no hoper in the pits. There was also the old pom queen commentating. Well not really commentating but talking loudly over the top of the others. But we can't expect much more from a pom. All up I would rate the broadcast outstanding. Keep up the good work for the rest of the WEC. Can we have the rest of the races live, they are just as important.