Muhammad Ali's best quotes as he reaches 71

Muhammad Ali's best quotes as he reaches 71
By Eurosport

Last update17/01/2013 at 21:42

Publishedon 17/01/2013 at 01:54

Last update17/01/2013 at 21:42

Publishedon 17/01/2013 at 01:54

Article by Eurosport

On Muhammad Ali's 71st birthday, Eurosport Yahoo! takes a look at 15 rounds of quotes from sport's greatest showman.


Rnd 1 - I done wrestled with an alligator, I done tussled with a whale, only last week I murdered a rock, injured a stone, hospitalized a brick. I'm so mean I make medicine sick.

Rnd 2 - There's not a man alive who can whup me. I'm too fast. I'm too smart. I'm too pretty. I should be a postage stamp. That's the only way I'll ever get licked.

Rnd 3 - I'm so fast that last night I turned off the light switch in my hotel room and was in bed before the room was dark.

Rnd 4 - I am the astronaut of boxing. Joe Louis and Dempsey were just jet pilots. I'm in a world of my own.

Rnd 5 - If you dream of beating me, you'd better wake up and apologise.

Rnd 6 - There are two things that are hard to hit and see. That's a spooky ghost and Muhammad Ali.

Rnd 7 - One of these days, they're liable to make the house I grew up in a national shrine.


Rnd 8 - Frazier is so ugly he should donate his face to the US Bureau of Wildlife.

Rnd 9 - Frazier is so ugly that when he cries, the tears turn around and go down the back of his head.


Rnd 10 - I've seen George Foreman shadow boxing. And the shadow won.

Rnd 11 - It's a divine fight. This Foreman - he represents Christianity, America, the flag. I can't let him win. He represents pork chops.


Rnd 12 - I'll beat him so bad, he'll need a shoehorn to put his hat on.


Rnd 13 - Sonny Liston is nothing. The man can't talk. The man can't fight. The man needs talking lessons. The man needs boxing lessons. And since he's gonna fight me, he needs falling lessons.


Rnd 14 - You're always talking about, Muhammad, you're not the same man you were 10 years ago. Well, I asked your wife, and she told me you're not the same man you was two years ago!


Rnd 15 - I'm the best. I just haven't played yet.

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